Police enter Temple Mount after Palestinians in Aksa mosque throw stones, firebombs

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 | Tag Cloud

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(Worthy News) - Rioting continued for a second day on the Temple Mount on Monday, following violence at the holy site during the Muslim Id al-Adha festival a day earlier.

After dozens of masked youths rioted on Sunday morning, when Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount was temporarily barred, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said age limits were reimposed on Monday morning.

"Local Israeli Arabs took advantage that there was no age restrictions for the Muslim holiday, and Monday's age limits were based on concrete information that we received on the strong possibility of violence on Monday morning," Rosenfeld said.

However, shortly after learning of the ban planned for Monday on entry of Muslim men under the age of 50, dozens of Arab youths camped out in al-Aksa Mosque on Sunday night, where they stockpiled firebombs, rocks and fireworks, Rosenfeld said. [ Source ]

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