Gore, Others Trumpet Democrats’ Dedication to Abortion Rights; Tribute Offered to Late Pro-Life PA G

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(AgapePress) – took center stage at the Democratic National Convention last night, outlining his vision for the future–a vision that includes much greater involvement in the lives of Americans.

Without saying how much it will all cost, Gore promised he will implement a universal pre-school and expand after-school programs, as well as family and medical-leave programs. In addition, he pledged to move toward universal health coverage, starting with all children by the year 2004.

Gore’s speech last night also demonstrated areas where he and George W. Bush hold distinctly different views. Unlike Bush, Gore said he will stand firmly against school voucher programs, and vowed to fight for rights.

“Let there be no doubt,” Gore said. “I will protect and defend a woman’s right to choose. The last thing this country needs is a Supreme Court that overturns Roe v. Wade.”

In addition, Gore said he will push for a federal hate crimes law which gives specific protection to homosexuals.

Peace Offering?
During the convention yesterday afternoon, the Democrats offered up a tribute to the family of former Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey, who died last May after a long illness. Casey, a popular two-term Democratic governor of a key state, was denied the chance to address delegates in 1992 and 1996 because of his public pro-life views. Casey’s sons–Robert Casey, Jr., the current Pennsylvania Auditor General, and Patrick Casey–introduced a video tribute to their father.

When asked why the tribute was being offered now, Robert Casey, Jr., responded: “I think its a recognition, a basic recognition, that what happened in 1992 was a total insult–not just to my father but to Pennsylvania and to pro-life voters, Democrat or Republican, across the country.”

Did the gesture make up for what happened during the last two Democratic conventions?

“No, it doesn’t,” Casey said. “But it’s a positive step and I think his influence is still being felt.”

Like his father was, Casey says he is also strongly pro-life, and it bothers him to consistently hear speakers pledge from the podium the party’s commitment to abortion on demand. The tribute was shown in mid-afternoon yesterday–well before prime time television coverage.

CA Governor Gray Davis
Among the featured speakers on the last night of the convention was California Governor Gray Davis. He recapped two themes that were repeated over and over again during the week.

“Our opponents refuse to stand up to the NRA (National Rifle Association),” Davis said. “Al Gore will keep fighting for sensible gun-safety laws. Our opponents reject Roe v. Wade. Al Gore stands four-square for a woman’s right to choose.”

Davis also took advantage of the opportunity to promote the Clinton-Gore economic legacy.

“Bill Clinton and Al Gore have paved the way for the strongest economy American has ever known,” he said. “Along the way, they proved the Democrats stand for fiscal integrity, public safety, a strong national defense, love of family, flag, and country.”

Many economists point out that the economic recovery we are now experiencing began in 1991, prior to Clinton’s first day in office in 1993. When Clinton took office, the stock market was at 3,450 points. When the Republicans gained the majority in Congress in 1994, the market had risen 500 points. Since their takeover and forcing the government to balance its budget, the market has risen over 7,000 points.

The other important themes that received lots of attention include health care reform, Medicare reform, support for public education, and promotion of the homosexual agenda.

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