Columnist Says Gay-Friendly Media Has Failed to Report "Gay Gene" Does Not Exist

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By Bill Fancher, AFR News, August 25, 2000

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) - In 1994, the media was full of reports that a "gay gene" had been discovered and there was finally proof that homosexuality was a naturally occurring lifestyle. However, those reports have died out and research has ended, says Boston Herald columnist Don Feder.

"Six years later, the gene has not been found," Feder says, "and interest in the quest among scientists and activists--who are frequently one and the same, I might add--has faded."

Feder says the media has failed to report that the man who claimed to have discovered the gene was an active homosexual and has had his research called into question by those who worked with him on the project.

The columnist believes that the national media owes a retraction for all the stories it ran six years ago when the so-called "gay gene"was discovered. Feder charges the media dismissed studies of twins which found that if one was a homosexual, the chances were only 50% that the other twin would be of the same persuasion.

"If genetics is everything," Feder says, "the overlap among these twins, who obviously have identical genetic codes, shouldn't be 50%, but 100%--again, elementary logic that somehow eluded the movement's media apologists for most of the 1990s."

Feder says the media, which he contends is in full support of the homosexual agenda, has not reported that the search for the gene has been abandoned because no one has been able to find any trace of it.

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