Worthy Christian News » World News » Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | Tag Cloud

(Worthy News) - Officials from the U.S. airplane manufacturer Boeing, a top U.S. government contractor, are staying silent about the details of a Tuesday announcement by Iranian officials that the Islamic Republic and the aviation firm had reached a “milestone” business deal, according to statements provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Abbas Akhoundi, Iran’s minister for roads and urban development, announced Tuesday that officials had formally inked a deal with “Boeing over the purchase of new planes that could set a new milestone in the country’s efforts to revamp its aging air fleet,” according to comments in Iran’s state-controlled media.

The news sparked immediate backlash from congressional opponents of the sale, with one leading opponent disclosing to the Free Beacon that lawmakers are poised to take action to stop the deal from going through. [ ... Read More (Source) ]

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

3 thoughts on “Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

  1. Planes are much slower but can still get the same job done as a missile delivering a nuclear warhead. The plane just needs to be "hijacked" near the end of its flight and the warhead delivered to the exact spot desired.
    And of course, we can ALWAYS trust Muslim pilots to carry out their responsibility..............................................to Allah.

  2. My father worked his almost all of his adult life in Management for Boeing.
    Its wages to him paid for the wonderful childhood memories I have besides a private school education. Boeing's made it possible for a kind and responsible father (and mother) to do so much more than simply feed and clothe we, his children. My Dad's own and only surviving brother designed the wing of Boeing's famous 737. And I know without a doubt that my father would be appalled if Boeing and Iran had/have made such a deal as this. I am so glad he is not here any longer to see this day.
    Come Master Y'shua, come. God have mercy on the USA. Let's stop this foolishness of God bless a nation that openly says "God does not exist," one whose official stance is that He does not even exist and start crying out, with passion, "God have mercy on the USA."
    "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." 1Tim6:10 NIV

  3. Iranians should take a pass on the Boeing deal and order all of their
    planes from Airbus. Airbus actually inspects their planes before
    delivery unlike Boeing. Because of this, Boeing defrauds all of their
    customers by charging customers for fully inspected and safe
    airplanes, but illegally not performing a large part of the inspections
    required and consequently delivering defect riddled airplanes to customers just
    to illegally pad Boeing's bottom line.

    Many Americans are Islamophobic, but real Americans should have compassion
    for Iranians who want peace with America and should not want them to die
    on defective Boeing planes as at least 750 people have. It may feel
    good for American Islamophobes to defraud Iranians they hate with this
    full price deal for defective Boeing airplanes, but most compassionate Americans don't feel that way. Plus perchance if Trump is elected Iran will have to cancel this order anyway. The downsides
    for Iranians in naively trusting the Boeing sales team that is trying to thusly
    defraud them with this deal are much too many.


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Worthy Christian News » World News » Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes