Fidel Castro's death brings about mixed reactions from around the world

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Fidel Castro

(Worthy News) - As American lawmakers by and large reflected on Fidel Castro’s passing Friday by recalling the negative impact of his decades-long dictatorship, internationally his death has prompted mournful reactions from foreign officials who hold drastically different opinions of the longtime Cuban leader.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram Saturday to Havana on Saturday calling Castro an “outstanding statesman” who helped build a “free and independent Cuba.”

“This strong and wise man always looked with confidence to the future. He embodies the highest ideals of politics, citizen and patriot, sincerely convinced of the rightness of the case, which gave his whole life. The memory of him will live forever in the hearts of Russian citizens,” Mr. Putin wrote. [ Source ]

Rubio on Castro Condolences: Obama’s Response ‘Pathetic’

In his statement, also issued Saturday, Obama “offer[ed] condolences to Fidel Castro's family,” spoke about his administration’s opening to Cuba, and assured the Cuban people that “they have a friend and partner in the United States.”

Obama’s statement, 226 words long, made no reference to the communist, one-party regime Castro led or the human rights abuses committed over the decades of his rule – nor those of more recent years since his brother assumed the reins.

Rubio called the response from the president “pathetic.”

“What I called ‘pathetic,’” he told Bash, “is not mentioning whatsoever in that statement the reality that there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffered brutally under the Castro regime.” [ Source ]

Crowds flood streets of Miami's Little Havana to cheer Castro's death

News of Fidel Castro's death was quick to reach Miami, the center of the Cuban exile community, where an outpouring of emotion brought jubilant crowds onto the streets of Little Havana.

It was a party decades in the making, and you could hear it before you could see it.
Brandishing pots and pans, hundreds of elated Cubans paraded through the Miami neighborhood of Little Havana on Saturday night. They waved the Cuban flag as they cheered the death of a man who defined the lives of so many through decades in exile in the United States. [ Source ]

As Party Flirts With Socialism, DNC Silent On Fidel Castro Death

In the 36 hours and counting after Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s death, Democratic National Committee leaders and the DNC itself ignored Castro’s passing altogether.

Torn between its establishment wing — which cheered on Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign — and an increasingly frustrated socialist wing, the Democratic party took no official position on the death of a murderous tyrant who shamelessly trampled human rights in the name of socialism.  [ Source ]

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