U.S. court rules Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood funding

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(Worthy News) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday reversed a ruling that prevented Arkansas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood following the release of controversial videos secretly recorded by an anti-abortion group.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis reversed a ruling forbidding Arkansas from carrying through with Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson's directive to suspend Medicaid reimbursements to a Planned Parenthood affiliate.

But by a 2-1 vote, a 8th Circuit said the provision of the Medicaid law the women relied on does not unambiguously create a federal right for individual patients that they could enforce in court. [ Source (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “U.S. court rules Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood funding”

  1. Among other reasons our Lord has had for delaying the overturning of commercial abortions in the US is that the general populace are not yet ready for abortion to be reduced and maybe even eliminated (but for the few truly necessary to save the lives of mothers, ie. ectopic pregnancies, etc.) The US uses Psychology to do it's "assessments" of prospective/adoptive parents. That is heresy. Seriously, just think on a few truths about Psychology. It's DSM has how many neutral or positive labels in it? Which behaviors and/or thought patterns does Psychology consider not a symptom of mental illness/disorder?
    I can answer that one for you, it's homosexuality, because the gays had enough common sense (unlike our own) to make the APA put their listing in the first DSM's to a vote. Such was how it was removed. Christians on the other hand, swallowed Dobson's perversion of Christianity hook line and sinker. Likewise, all of the US local, state, and federal law enforcement get screened to be hired in the first place via Psychological testings. Remember, hearing from Jesus is a major Psychiatric illness in their bible (manual). Want to guess what's going to happen if/when abortion is once more made so difficult only those truly dying may warrant one? We'll be throwing the baby from the fire to the frying pan. Get ready! Take down the altars to Dr. James Dobson and get ready to adopt. Otherwise, the USA will turn into one of those countries parents from abroad come to adopt from. Start up "home study" programs based on following and having followed the Christ/Messiah, not Freud (who by the way codified infant sexuality and pedophilia in it's basic foundations). It's exactly because the Roman Catholic Church uses and more so used Psychological interventions (instead of the Gospel) that their worldwide priest sex abuse couldn't be cured. Try Jesus. It's always been God's Word that is "the Way."

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