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Family Friendly Movieguide(R) Airs on Pax-TV Beginning in June

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By Dan Wooding
May 30, 2001

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (ANS) -- Millions of North American television viewers will be able to become "media-wise" when PaxTV begins airing Dr. Ted Baehr's 60-second movie reviews, in a late night slot starting June 1. It is the start of a new series of family friendly movie reviews that Christian media expert Ted Baehr presents on his syndicated MOVIEGUIDE(R) TV program.

"We are so pleased that PaxTV, the nation's seventh largest television network, will be airing our movie reviews so that their viewers can become media-wise to what will be showing this summer at their local multiplex," Dr. Baehr said.

He noted that children spend far more time watching movies and television, listening to music, and playing video games than they do with their parents or in church.

Dr. Baehr is founder and chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and MOVIEGUIDE(R), a family magazine, radio program, TV show, and Website, which reviews movies from a traditional biblical perspective. PaxTV recently allowed their television viewers to share the excitement of the 9th Annual MOVIEGUIDE(R) Awards Gala, hosted by Cheryl Ladd, when it was repeated Saturday, May 19 on network television. The one-hour version of the Gala, which celebrated Hollywood's best family and inspirational movies and television programs, has now been shown three times on the network in the past two months.

"PAX-TV is the only network that doubled in size in the last year," Dr. Baehr said. "I think what Bud Paxson, the founder of PaxTV, has done has proved to be right. He's trying to create family television and that's what people want. He's growing and the other guys are static."

PAX-TV made its debut on August 31, 1998, and is committed to airing family-friendly programming. The network's promise to viewers is to feature shows that embody strong values and showcase positive role models, with programming free of excessive violence, explicit sex and foul language.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Family Friendly Movieguide(R) Airs on Pax-TV Beginning in June

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Family Friendly Movieguide(R) Airs on Pax-TV Beginning in June