School Board Decides Students Will Not be Permitted to Opt Out of Transgender Lessons

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(Worthy News) - California students at a charter school will not be able to opt out of lessons on transgenderism after the school board voted this week.

The board voted unanimously to reject a “model parental rights” proposal that would have allowed parents at the Rocklin Academy School to read sensitive material before teachers use them in the classroom. The proposal would have allowed parents to then decide if their child needed to opt out of the lessons.

California law already requires parental notice and allows opt-out for lessons on sex education.

The board, however, did vote to approve a policy to allow teachers to “try” to notify parents on any lessons that have controversial material, but critics say the policy is “really weak.” [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More...) ]

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9 thoughts on “School Board Decides Students Will Not be Permitted to Opt Out of Transgender Lessons”

  1. Hopefully parents with children in this charter school are informed of this development so that they can get their kid out of there. At least the news of the decision would give parents a sense of what kind of people are running Rocklin Academy School. That would be enough of an incentive for me to get my kid out of there immediately. Very sad what has happened in CA. I'm from San Diego.

  2. We were expecting something different from/in California?

    To oppose their "rights" (over any form of homosexuality) has long since been planted by secular public schools educators, in at least a generation before, and is openly the world round now called "hate speech."

    It's time the people of the USA began to look and see the influences Queen Elizabeth II policies and rule has had around the world. What has been now long since deemed and outlawed as hate speech by the UK boomerangs around the world. Canada and many of the UK's former possessions still follow UK ways.

    Wasn't it Franklin Graham who was recently uninvited to a function in Canada or the UK? Others like him, as sound as he, have been, I know that much.

    The USA more than most English speaking countries cares for what it's peer nations value and outlaw. That's how we ended up with a Social Security system. Esp now on the gay/trans issues, the US is at the whim of other "first world" "civilizations." So much so that look at what Obama did to Putin at the last Olympics, and got away with.

    The US will likely never be able to put that offence right again, attempting to coerce/extort a sitting Russian President to change his countries open policies on a social issue (gay rights) which their national church (the Russian Orthodox) vehemently opposes.

    Sometimes there is a down side to have no state religion in the USA besides our national belief system called Psychology. We all know Psychology can't oppose homosexuality because the gays from Psychology's infancy in the USA saw the writing on that wall and called for a vote to have homosexuality removed from Psycho's fledgling list (it's first DSM's) of mental illnesses. It remains the only MI removed by popular vote, to date.

    Too bad the Christians still haven't even noticed it, or we'd have First Amendment rights still. It's a bit too late now to even try, every thought pattern and action (except homosexual or possible homosexuality) is not listed as either an illness, disorder or symptom in the DSM your doctor uses.

  3. Dear Angela:
    I see you've given up on the fight over our children. You should be aware that most of us haven't. We're going to stop same-sex marriage and this farce of transgenderism in the near future. At least, one who believes in God's Word believes that.

  4. The Bible says:

    "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

    Parenting and training is tireless and even if we don't think we're making progress... know we might be. We need to be caring, but firm. We need to be sincere, or we'll lose them. We need to be consistent. The greatest character traits and moral values we desire for our children are the things that we ourselves must exude most. Be on fire, quite compromising and stop settling for status quo. Our lukewarmness is detestable in His sight. Men and fathers lead your homes and communities once again. None of this is negotiable. It is what it is.

    Degradation of the moral system within the generation which includes our children and grandchildren of today is due and directly correlated to the mediocrity and loose parenting and gross negligence of each of us. But God... He reminds us that faith is NOW. Be faithful and endure opposition. I know that truth is absolute. This absolute truth found in the word of God is there to make each of us free. That is where true Liberty is found. Christ is the way the truth and the life. Spend time training your children according to the Word of God and not according to our own desires, 'self help' book finds, and hollow rhetoric. We will reap the harvest if we faint not.

    Our dear and Heavenly Father, look down from heaven and hear our cry. Forgive us for not putting you first, and not serving you first and our homes. Forgive us for not teaching according to your word. Allow us the opportunity, and give us the strength to continue and endeavor to bring your truth with power and authority to our younger generations. May they see your mercy and grace upon the error of our ways and be drawn to you by your ever loving kindness, patience and long-suffering. May you oh Lord receive the glory. May Your Voice be heard once again among the halls of the schools in our American States, may your Word be received back in the hands of our youth, may their hearts find solace in you alone, may prayer to you Almighty Jehovah be heard echoing the halls of Universities across this nation, through the matchless name of Christ Jesus we pray, Amen.

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