George Barna Explains How Christians Altered America's Future by Supporting Trump Last November

(Worthy News) - A veteran researcher has detailed how on Nov. 8, 2016, Christian conservatives altered the course of American history by voting overwhelmingly for and delivering victory to Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. And though the mainstream press derides or ignores them, he says, such Christians will retain their influence if and only if they stay alert and engaged.

To the chagrin of secular progressives, particularly in the mass media, George Barna believes that spiritually active, government engaged conservatives — SAGE Cons he calls them — continue to leave an indelible mark on American political life. His latest book, The Day Christians Changed America: How Christians Conservatives Put Trump in the White House and Redirected America's Future, showcases the impact both they and, more broadly, Christians had in the last election.

"When conservative Christians in America search for a candidate, they do it differently than most other Americans," Barna said in a recent phone interview with The Christian Post. [ Source" Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “George Barna Explains How Christians Altered America's Future by Supporting Trump Last November”

  1. I am a Born Again Believer and I knew then and I know now that Trump would not ever be a right choice for President of the USA...How sad that my brothers and sisters in Christ allowed Satan to mislead them (and he used Russia to be his agent in influencing so many( 'Christians')with lies and false info..How anyone could think Jesus would endorse any man with such a known un-Christ-like character is mind-boggling!!)I live in West Palm Beach,Fl.I have seen the mean and selfish actions of 'the Donald" as he is known around town..Mrs. Clinton or Bernie are not perfect people but would have caused no harm to America and the world as Trump in now doing with his lack of compassion ,experience and knowledge!!!HE LIES AND BELIEVES THAT IS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR! I think the world knows ,Trump is DANGEROUS with the power of the USA Presidency at his fingertips! I pray for an early impeachment to save America from what I see is an uncontrollable madman!

  2. So, you are wiser than Barna and all the Christians in USA! Wow what arrogance. You probably support baby killing, queers, and either a Socialist or a criminal for president. “By their fruits you will know them.”

  3. I'm very tired of the "lack of character" propaganda issued by American "journalists" -- nothing to do with poverty-infested, backwards Russia. The Tabloids and the billionaires are pushing their agenda of global domination, and their weapon of choice is emotional reactionaries like the one above. The elimination of facts and logic (ultimately of absolute truth) is a foundation of Cultural Marxism. Common sense tells you that Trump has several quality character traits: he is a strong, fearless leader, capable of running a successful global busines; superior intellect; the source of income/employment for millions of workers; he did not NEED to be President but out of his concern for out declining nation he stepped in to help; he works harder than people half his age, harder working than some will ever be, all for the good of others, for future generations; he is a student of history and a keen observer of the biblical principles upon which our nation achieved its success; he has a close-knit family who loves him and each other, despite his busy schedule. He "keeps his head when all about him are losing theirs and blaming it on him," Kipling's definition of a man. He has protected our religious freedom like no one has in decades. In less than two years, he has kept so many campaign promises, like no other politician for decades. It is truly inept to say the man has no morals and especially ridiculous to claim he is mentally unstable.

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