Population Expert Says Some Nations Might Establish “Euthanasia Clinics” in the Future

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By Bill Fancher
AFR News
July 31, 2000

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) – The United Nations has promoted the use of abortion as the main method of controlling population growth. However, after two decades of that strategy, many nations are finding they’ve created another problem.

Population Research Institute Director Steve Mosher says Russia is a prime example of this new menace.
“The immediate, pressing problem is that of aging,” Mosher says. “How is a country like Russia, which is still a fairly poor country, going to be able to support large and increasing numbers of elderly with a smaller and smaller work force of young and middle-aged people? The numbers just do not compute.”

There are reports that the United Nations’ Population Control Agency is supporting euthanasia studies in an effort to correct this new problem the abortion strategy has created.

Mosher doesn’t doubt there could be “euthanasia clinics” established in the future.

He says when you combine aging populations with a smaller work force, many governments are straining to find funds to care for the elderly. He’s worried what the United Nations might come up with to solve this dilemma.

“I’m afraid that horrible solutions to this problem along the lines of massive euthanasia are going to be proposed–if not now, in the future,” he says.

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