Powell Praises Bush In Memorable Speech, Criticizes Others in Republican Party

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By Fred Jackson and Bill Fancher
AFR News
August 1, 2000

(AgapePress) – Retired General Colin Powell took the spotlight last night at the Republican convention.

Powell used most of his time at the podium to sing the praises of Bush. As an example, he applauded what the governor has done in Texas to improve education.

“He strengthened standardized testing in all Texas public schools,” Powell said. “He insisted on teacher competency, and he expanded the charter school movement.”

Powell told the delegates the importance of “investing everything we have into our children.”

“It begins with caring, loving parents and family members who pass on the virtues of past generations, who live good lives which serve as models for their children,” he said. “Children learn from watching the adults in their family and their lives. And, where the family is broken, or where the family is not up to the task, the rest of us must step in to help as mentors, tutors, foster parents, friends to kids who desperately need responsible adults to show them the way.”

He also told conventioneers that “our children are a gift from God,” and need to be treated as such “to ensure our future, and our nation’s future.”

But Powell’s speech was not all bouquets. He used the opportunity to criticize Republicans who oppose affirmative action, calling them hypocrites.

“Some in our party miss no opportunity to roundly and loudly condemn affirmative action that helped a few thousand black kids get an education,” the retired general said, “but you hardly hear a whimper when it’s affirmative action for lobbyists who load our federal tax code with preferences for special interests. It doesn’t work. You can’t make that case.”

Speaking to the delegates at the close of the first night’s session, General Powell repeated that “we must help teach family values to our children.” He told those in attendance that “our kids are special.”

“They belong to us all, we are all responsible for them.”

Powell also said that to ensure our children experience the “American dream,” education must be our main concern.

He ended his address on a definite high note, giving his full endorsement to the Bush/Cheney ticket.

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