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PrayWORLD!2001 Proclaimed a Success, Plans Underway for PrayWORLD!2002

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By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent
April 20, 2001

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (ANS) -- Ben Jennings, PrayWORLD! International Coordinator with Campus Crusade for Christ has issued a statement thanking Christians worldwide for participating in PrayWORLD!2001 and outlining further prayer initiatives for 2001.

"Greetings in Christ, and thank you for praying and mobilizing prayer for PrayWORLD!2001. PW2 came to a blessed climax on Palm Sunday. Four hundred Christians from 11 countries gathered in Marrakesh, Morocco to worship our triune God and to pray His full blessings upon that beautiful land. A week of prayer-driving and walking through the country preceded the final week end celebration. We all sensed God doing something special!" said Jennings.

Jennings reported that Brian Mills from England found churches in India using PrayWORLD! literature in March and also reported a groundswell in the United Kingdom to 21 days of prayer for the nations.

"A group of intercessors in Slovakia circulated PrayWORLD! literature to many in their own country, and in Europe as well, " said Jennings.

"On Easter Sunday, France completed the largest movement of prayer for that nation in its history. Over 1000 churches and interdenominational prayer groups were joined by thousands of believers from over 30 nations in 40 days of prayer with fasting," Jennings said. (Further information may be obtained from: E-mail: lafrance@aol.com; Internet: www.france2001.org).


"South Africa is deep into a year of national prayer," said Jennings. "Power, unity, and freedom in the spirit are gaining momentum. Also growing is trouble, division, and pressure against the church. The Network for United Prayer in Southern Africa (NUPSA) is coordinating 'Cleansing South Africa' in the second half of this year. A prayer calendar is available. (Email: nupsa@global.co.za or ejord@mweb.co.za).

"The people and leaders of North Korea urgently need prayer," Jennings said. "Doors are opening ever so slightly for entry of aid. Pray for the granting of visas and necessary arrangements for a group of 15 present and potential donors planning to visit May 1-12. Conditions for believers are reported as extremely severe," he said.

Jennings invited praying Christians to join with believers around the world with "Days of Enlightenment" prayer for Buddhists, April 23-May 7. "We are seeing abundant harvests break forth in many areas of the Buddhist world. At least 11 new churches have been planted in the last few months by just one team of two people in a Tibetan area." For a prayer guide go to http://www.strategicnetwork.org/index.asp, look under "Regional Networks, click on "Tibetan Buddhism" and then go to "View the Days of Enlightenment Prayer Calendar here!"

"Since the days of Andrew Murray, the time between Ascension and Pentecost have been recognized as a special time for prayer," Jennings said. "The dates this year are May 24-June 3. Directors and friends of SIM (Sudan Interior Mission), with some of the largest mission agencies in the world, invite missionaries to pray with workers in partner missions and church leaders. Information can be obtained from Carol Wilson cwilson@simintl.sim.org."

Jennings said that 40 days of Prayer is requested for the 3.5 million unreached Parsee people of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. " They have no Bible or church in their language, and only one missionary." For a 40-day calendar or information e-mail: unreached@airmail.int or log on to www.unreached.org.

He said that Francis Sunderaraj, a prayer and ministry leader in India, "requests much prayer" for a Global Congress on Church Ministry and Mission in Thailand, October 1-5. Details: www.worldevangelical.org or e-mail:francis@hd1.vsnl.net.in.

Jennings also gave advance notice that that dates for PrayWORLD!2002 will be Wed., February 13 through Palm Sunday, March 24, 2002.

Ben Jennings may be contacted at bjenning@ccci.org.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » PrayWORLD!2001 Proclaimed a Success, Plans Underway for PrayWORLD!2002

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » PrayWORLD!2001 Proclaimed a Success, Plans Underway for PrayWORLD!2002