George W. Bush's veiled shots at Trump open new front in Republican civil war

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(Worthy News) - A fresh battle in the Republican civil war flared Thursday as former President George W. Bush took veiled shots at President Trump in a speech that warned against the rising tide of ethno-nationalism on the Right.

Bush sounded the alarm about "nationalism distorted into nativism," chiding that American identity "is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood." He cautioned against the siren song of isolationism. The 43rd president never mentioned Trump.

But in issuing a clarion call for the conservative ideals of Ronald Reagan Republicanism, Bush was unmistakably rebuking the "America First" sloganeering of a 45th president who has questioned the value of U.S. internationalism and been accused of winking at white-identity politics. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “George W. Bush's veiled shots at Trump open new front in Republican civil war

  1. So, then, who wrote those speeches for Geo Bush? We're talking about Jr. right? We had him for how long? Had to be some speech writers involved, the man couldn't get a wedding toast right all by his own self.

    Sounds like the GOP is being a house divided once again.

    We all know what happens to those, right?

    First, we let the Real Estate markets support No Fault Divorce into the mainstream until 50% of marriages now fail (and need two instead of the just one house/home) but can't see it's destabilized the whole nation and shows up in the 2 party system now too?

    And they wonder why the USA is going down?

    Really. This isn't rocket science. Your average Bible student can figure this one out.

    What we need to know is, who is the puppet master behind Geo. Bush, this time? He can't talk as well as I can write and that's pretty bad.

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