Algeria: ‘unjust law’ still denying churches their ‘right to worship’

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(Worthy News) - Churches in northern Algeria continue to clash with the authorities over permission to hold services in non-religious buildings.

Authorities in Tizi Ouzou province – 100km east of the capital, Algiers – have said a 2006 law that regulates non-Muslim worship is breached by churches meeting in houses meant only for accommodation or commercial purposes.

But the churches have cited the 2016 constitution, which states that religious freedom is guaranteed if in compliance with the law. They have said that they are complying with the law because of their formal affiliation with the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA), which has been officially recognised by the government since 1974 and is accredited with both the ministry of the interior and the local government. [ Source: World Watch Monitor (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Algeria: ‘unjust law’ still denying churches their ‘right to worship’

  1. So, don't be a "church" then. Don't affiliate with anyone but worship Jesus still. Explain the gospel when it's the righteous thing to do, but refrain from it when it's just foolishness designed to get you killed. Save a soul, worship God when and where you can. Pray outloud when you can and pray silently the rest of the time. Is this really what brethren need to be told? Can't they figure it out for themselves? Sing praises quietly, when and where you can (i.e. on a walk where others may not hear).

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