In defeat for Trump, judge blocks transgender military ban

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(Worthy News) - A federal judge in Washington on Monday blocked President Donald Trump from banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, handing a victory to transgender service members who accused the president of violating their constitutional rights.

Trump announced in July that he would ban transgender people from the military in a move that would reverse Democratic former President Barack Obama’s policy of accepting them and halt years of efforts to eliminate barriers to military service based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The transgender service members sued in August to try to block the ban, which had not yet gone into effect, and U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly granted them an injunction halting enforcement of it until their case is resolved. [ Source: Reuters (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “In defeat for Trump, judge blocks transgender military ban”

  1. The statistical range for people born with physical intersexual bodies, and/or parts, is between .05% - 1.7%, depending on how it's judged, major intersexual parts (both) or just minor differences from the norm.

    Those people really are the only ones who have any business questioning their gender(s) and for the it really is between them and God and if they have wise relatives (parents), they should take their opinions. Otherwise, unless they plan to marry, or are married, it's not anyone else's business, including ours.

    We should be careful of not including them when we Believer's get all huffy about transgenders. Not everyone is born with the clear distinctions God gave Adam and Chavah (Eve). Some of the can and do and maybe should for funcional sake have some surgery done, just as twins born co-joined we do not condemn for being separated.

    If the military wants to call them, if the people themselves (i.e. hermaphrodites), want to identify them as "transgender" because they are in process of settling on one gender or the other, it's moving to live as the Bible tells them, one gender or the other.

    The rest of us, to cross dress, to lie to ourselves and others, is to fall under the 'father of lies" which is just another name for Satan. That the US military now allows it's soldiers to lie about the most obvious and basic identities we have, only proves this world is going to hell, like a show ball rolling downhill.

    Still, we must be careful with our condemnations. Job's friends got in trouble for their opinions of him and why God was doing what He was doing with Job. Be careful.

    "Come Lord Jesus, come."

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