Rep. Adam Schiff: House Democrats will investigate Trump’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia as part of a ‘deep dive’ into the kingdom’s dealings

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Democrats will investigate President Donald Trump’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia as part of a 'deep dive' on the kingdom when majority control of the House changes hands in January, the lawmaker in line to become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said in a Washington Post interview published Friday.

U.S. is in Syria until Iranian ‘commanded forces’ leave

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The United States is laying the groundwork for a long-term commitment to eastern Syria that will include 'stabilization' after the defeat of Islamic State and also the demand that “Iranian-commanded forces” leave Syria before the US withdraws. Over the last six months, this policy has increasingly crystalized. It was finally spelled out by US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey at the end of last week.

ABC, NBC Ignore Court Rulings Against Dems for Florida Election Shenanigans

As the contentious Florida gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races moved on to a mandatory machine recount, they do so under a cloud corruption as Democratic election officials were accused of voter fraud and other forms of misconduct. Despite the fact that Florida courts had already ruled twice against Democrats, ABC’s and NBC’s Sunday morning news programs ignored the orders for transparency. The networks preferred to keep the truth hidden.

GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuits accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to 'steal the election'

Accusing Democrats of 'rampant fraud' and a coordinated effort to 'steal' elections, Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott filed explosive lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in two heavily Democratic counties, as they continue to report new votes and three major races in the state appear headed for recounts.