Senate won't rule out putting repeal of Obamacare individual mandate in tax bill

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(Worthy News) - Some Senate Republicans aren’t ruling out including a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate in a tax reform bill even though leaders of the House effort have nixed the idea in their legislation.

The House is expected to release its tax reform legislation on Wednesday and the Senate some time later. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, head of the House Ways and Means Committee and leading the House tax reform effort, said Tuesday that the bill wouldn’t include a repeal of Obamacare’s mandate that every individual have insurance or pay a penalty.

But Brady’s counterpart in the Senate, Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, wouldn’t say whether the Senate tax bill would include the repeal. “We’ll have to see. We are still working,” he said. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Senate won't rule out putting repeal of Obamacare individual mandate in tax bill”

  1. By raising (and I am not against assisting the poor) the standard of living to decent and even comfortable for the ill and disabled, elderly, we have created a situation wherein the gap between the socialistic (and communistic, i.e. those on SSI) and pure capitalistic economies in the US is too great.

    What that does is make it impossible for those needing ongoing expensive medical care to afford health ins in the straight capitalistic economy.

    That has "enslaved" many into the very socialism the Conservatives hate so much. It's also one of the reasons some hate socialism in the USA so much.

    However, The New Deal of Roosevelt had no reason to come into the USA in the first place had neighbor looked out (without enslaving via the expectation of endless gratitude/servitude for charity) for neighbor, family member for family member, and citizen for citizen.

    Just as it is supposed to be in Christianity and in the Hebraic/Messianic circles, just as it actually is and has been in Judaism all along, one is to look out for the needs of the other.

    Sure, not all did it right. But as an example, enough Jews with wealth, and kids with extra pennies, kicked in that the Jewish expats of Europe who made it to Shanghai (to obtain visas no other nation would give them) survived by the "good deeds" of the rest of Judaism worldwide. It is not just Christians who have donated to the Aliyah of Russian Jews who never knew their faith.

    But Christianity was highjacked way back when Catholicism took it over mid 300 AD and then held captive congregates in Churches so long and hard (killing them outside the hold of their priests) that even Protestants now forget in the Bible, giving to "widows, and orphans, in their distress" is half the recipe for "true religion." Sure they give through their churches, and via non-profit corporations, but one to one? Two to one? One to two or three, a family? That is dying out just as it had before the Great Depression.

    And we will again see another "Greater Depression" that ushers in the real One World Order exactly to force God's children, saved and unsaved (non-Messianic Jews) to do it biblically again.

    There are Christian healthcare sharing programs which sound biblical, but cost so much monthly there is no charity to it.

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