World Leaders Hiding Trillions From Population

World leaders hurried to explain their assets after millions of documents revealed their secret dealings in most extensive investigations of leaked offshore documents in history.

Op-Ed: The Constitution may finally catch up with Obamacare

Obamacare’s future is once again in jeopardy, thanks to one of the law’s most stubborn opponents — the U.S. Constitution. Twenty states are suing the federal government in Texas on the grounds that, since Congress zeroed-out the penalty for the individual mandate, the law is no longer constitutional.

Republicans scramble for spending deal by Friday

House Republicans late Tuesday had little time to celebrate their pending victory on tax reform, and instead were scrambling to come up with a bill to keep the government open past Friday’s deadline.

House, Senate conferees to meet publicly Wednesday on tax legislation

The House-Senate conference committee working to finalize a tax bill will meet publicly Wednesday to work on the final version of the legislation, chairman Kevin Brady of Texas announced Friday, and GOP members are also expected to work through the weekend to reach an agreement.

Next week: House, Senate move on tax reform

House and Senate Republicans will take up separate tax reform proposals next week as they race to complete legislation by the end of the year.

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