Traditional Values Coalition Issues Special Report on Transgender Movement

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Traditional Values Coalition Issues Special Report on Transgender Movement

Washington, DC – Traditional Values Coalition has just published "A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream," for parents, pastors, school officials, media outlets, and for other concerned citizens.

"A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream," describes the goals and philosophy of the emerging Transgender movement in its attempt to gain acceptance in our society.

"The Transgender movement is an assortment of transvestites, cross-dressers, and transsexuals, who want to have their gender identity disturbance normalized in our culture," said Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman of Traditional Values Coalition. "While these individuals deserve our compassion, counseling, and professional care, they should not be allowed to promote their psychosexual disorder as normal behavior."

According to TVC’s report, the Transgender movement is being promoted by the larger homosexual movement—and there are efforts underway to remove this Gender Identity Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual IV (DSM-IV).

"We are not helping people overcome their sexual confusion, by redefining what is normal," said Sheldon. "These individuals suffer from mental disturbances frequently brought on by childhood sexual traumas. They need help, not social approval or protected class status under sexual orientation laws."

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