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Turkish New Testaments Distributed By Operation Mobilization Workers Are Well-Received In Istanbul

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By Michael Ireland
May 22, 2001

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (ANS) -- Operation Mobilization workers in Istanbul, Turkey, report that Bible distribution efforts have been well received in that country.

According to reports received at the U.S. office of Turkish World Outreach (TWO) in Grand Junction, Colorado, from friends working with O.M. in Istanbul, more than 5,000 New Testaments were recently distributed there.

Said one O.M. correspondent: "This morning our neighbors downstairs told us to come, and look right away because something had happened to our van. A thief had cut around the rubber holding the window in, taken the glass out, and climbed in. As I inspected things, there seemed to be no damage.

"Then I noticed that the corner of one of the two boxes of Bibles was opened. It looks as if the thief saw the Bibles, and then left the van alone," he said.


"We started loading 5,240 New Testaments at 7AM on Sunday April 22, and set sail for the Big Island. Upon arrival, we unloaded and placed the books on two horse carts. The horses really struggled under the load, but eventually we arrived at our destination," the O.M. correspondent said.

"The NTs were placed at a restaurant at the base of the one kilometer-long hill that thousands walk up to. Pilgrims go to the tiny Greek Orthodox Church two times every year to find some hope.

"The next Monday morning at 7:00, 17 of us caught the normal passenger ferry to Big Island, ready to go to work, and believing the Lord to reach the lost. We began giving out New Testaments. A young lady when handed a New Testament said that it was her birthday, and the New Testament was the best birthday present that she had ever received.

"Another lady had tears in her eyes, as she said that she had been looking for a New Testament for some months already, but could not find one...she could not believe that she had received one. Another old lady related that she could not find a New Testament anywhere, but someone had given her an audio tape (possibly the Gospel of Luke) and she listened to this over and over each day, and so she thanked us for the New Testament which is a wonderful gift," said the O.M. worker.

The O.M. correspondent said that Veysel got a New Testament and asked for prayer, because he had no work and he also has a bad back. "One time the 'boys in blue' were on their way up the hill, but one of our guys used his cell phone to warn us. So by the time they passed us, we were not doing anything. Another time the 'boys in blue' came to us, and said we must have permission to distribute New Testaments. We said this is a 'Christian' event so we do not need 'permission,' and they believed us and left."

In three hours all 5,240 New Testaments were handed out, and there was not enough time to go and get more New Testaments, the OM worker said. "Then we gave out cards, and 200 more people filled in their name and address, requesting New Testaments. (Our children) Joy and Joshua both enjoyed giving out New Testaments. They were the youngest New Testament distributors. We rejoice and exalt the Lord for what He has done!"


The OM team has been including a phone number for a Prayer Phone in the newspaper ad for free New Testaments. "As people are getting New Testaments, some also phone in for prayer. Others phone to ask what is a prayer phone, do they have to pay. Two different people asked for prayer to get work, and days later called back to say 'thank you' because they both found jobs! PTL! Please pray for us with Timucin and Selma as we answer the prayer-phone, read Scripture verses, and counsel. It has been exciting to pray for people over the phone."

Melik, a music teacher, has phoned many times for prayer. "First, he was being taken to court for a late payment on his debt. One week after we prayed for him, he phoned to thank us saying that he had won the court case, and the loan payment was postponed. Then a week later, he phoned again to ask for prayer because he wanted to marry a certain woman. He wasn't sure if it was the right decision. Later he called to say 'thank you,' and that the woman had moved away. Again, he called to say that he was going through another hard time because he was moving to another place to teach," the O.M. correspondent said.

Rajan, 34-years-old, called for prayer because he was about to go to a job interview selling cappuccino coffee. "That night he phoned back to say that he got the job, and when we prayed for him, he said he felt a real peace, and asked how he could repay us. He's reading the New Testament we sent him, and wants to go to a church in Antalya. His last phone call was to say that the believer we had contacted in Antalya had met with him, and now he will go to church every Sunday," the O.M. correspondent reported.

The O.M. worker asked for prayer for Suna. "She's 53 years old, and lives with her mother. She was sexually abused by her father and older brother. Her trusted friend got her involved in prostitution. She got married, but her husband never provided for her financially. For the last 30 years, she has trouble sleeping at night. The medicine prescribed for her doesn't work anymore. After all these troubles, she has become a more devout Muslim. She wants to read the New Testament, and believes it is a holy book. She unloaded all her problems, and asked for prayer."

The O.M. team asked that western Christians "pray for us as we work with Timucin and Selma in the office, and coordinate follow-up with different cities and fellowships. We really are hard- pressed to do all the work, and need long-term co-laborers to work together with us here."

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Turkish New Testaments Distributed By Operation Mobilization Workers Are Well-Received In Istanbul

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Turkish New Testaments Distributed By Operation Mobilization Workers Are Well-Received In Istanbul