Christmas High Alert: Churches Tightening Church Security in Pakistan, Egypt

(Worthy News) - This Christmas season Christians in Pakistan and Egypt are on high alert. They are asking their governments to help provide tightened security for worship services.

Just last Sunday, two Islamic terrorists attacked the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta, Pakistan killing nine Christians as they worshipped. A security officer shot and killed one of the gunmen, the other terrorist fired into the church just moments before detonating a suicide vest.The Islamic State of Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Christmas High Alert: Churches Tightening Church Security in Pakistan, Egypt”

  1. Throughly God is the protector of Christians but is good for government to provide security to prevent terrorist invading church.

  2. What is God telling them?

    That's what matters.

    Which man takes his family into a Church in these countries, for Christmas?

    A fool?

    A slave (to some church)?

    A (false) pastor?

    The suicidal?

    Not a wise man; a man with God's wisdom.

    Pretending the underground community of Believer's does not exist already, and is not now already being built in these countries and worldwide is what the dangerously foolish do.

    Honor Christ-mass (a catholic invention. By the way, which day of the week did Jesus go to the Temple to become a man?) at your own risk. Risk the lives of others, your loved ones, and brethren in doing so and it's to their risk also. The leaders of such groups will answer to the Holy One for causing such loses.

    What would Jesus do?

    Are Birthday parties (which is what Christmas is supposedly about, the birthday of Christ/Messiah) really important enough for any of us to die for?

    Ask God!

    Last we checked, "God is not willing for any to perish..." over stupid stuff.

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