UN Summit Agenda: Detrimental to Family, Democracy, American Sovereignty?

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By Chad Groening, AFR News, August 25, 2000

(AgapePress) - Proposals to be discussed at the upcoming United Nations Millennium Summit could have grave consequences for life, family, democracy, and the sovereignty of nations.

The conference will be held September 6-8 at the UN headquarters in New York. Among the proposals are the abolishment of the Security Council veto, the establishment of a permanent UN Army, making the jurisdiction of the International Court mandatory, and the implementation of global taxation to fund the UN.

Several pro-family groups have examined the summit's agenda, and believe it intends to strip national autonomy and ensure UN world governance. Robert Maginnis of the Family Research Council says the U.S. Senate will not allow these radical proposals to be implemented.

"I think as long as the United States continues to oppose these radical agendas, they won't see any light of day," he says. "The Clinton Administration, unfortunately, has not helped a lot in this venue--they've actually fanned the flames that have promoted some of this radical thinking. We're hopeful that in a new administration...[the Senate will] be able to back out."

Maginnis says the U.S. has the clout to prevent the agendas that will be discussed at the upcoming UN Millennium Summit.

"The United States can almost unilaterally turn a lot of that around by threatening, as [have] Jesse Helms and Chris Smith and a few other real warriors and heroes [who] are opposing radical agendas [in the Senate]," he says. "They are always willing to say [to the UN], 'Stop this nonsense, or you're not getting any of the money.' We're already withholding some money, and we would favor withholding a lot more until they completely flush their terrible agendas."

MaGinnis praises North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms and others for their anti-UN stances and hopes that a new administration will take even more steps to ward off radical UN proposals. He says a good administration would go a long way to reverse the pro-UN leanings of the Clinton-Gore Administration.

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