Gunman kills two Christians at alcohol store south of Cairo

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(Worthy News) - A masked gunman shot dead two Christian brothers at their alcohol shop south of Cairo on Monday, security sources said.

The incident took place just days after attacks on a Coptic church and another Christian-owned shop also south of the Egyptian capital that killed more than 10 people, as security forces brace for attacks against the Arab world's largest Christian minority ahead of Orthodox Christmas celebrations.

The gunman used a rifle in the attack, shooting at the shop from outside after pulling up on a motorcycle, two security sources said. The attacker fled the scene afterwards. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Gunman kills two Christians at alcohol store south of Cairo”

  1. Making believe that Christmas is somehow a holy day of obligatory participation only sets up Christians who as yet do not know better to be attacked.

    Selling liquor in a Muslim country.

    What end did they expect?

    The really sad part is that they died for the right to see alcohol, not for Jesus, the Christ.

    Christmas celebrants die for the (dubious) right to put on showy religious observances in a country that has a state religion already and considers evangelizing to be treason or worse.

    Sure live and if necessary (only) die for Christ. But because they sell alcohol? To party with Catholics? I don't think so. Where is the righteousness of God in all of that? Can't see it.

  2. Angela,

    The point is that these human beings were needlessly murdered for adhering to Islamic practices. I agree that alcohol often impairs a Christian witness but it doesn't justify murder. Whether or not partying with Catholics at Christmas time is Godly behavior is matter of personal conscience not the domain of Islamic thugs. Your comments blame the victims more than the killers.

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