Christians killed globally for faith at Christmas

(Worthy News) - The deaths of nearly 150 Christians have been reported in targeted attacks on religious minorities in Nigeria, Cairo and India during the 2017 Christmas season, according to various reports from religious liberty advocates and news agencies.

Among the latest attacks, unidentified assailants killed between 14 and 16 Christians leaving a midnight New Year's Eve service Jan. 1 in Omuku town in Rivers State, Nigeria, the BBC and Nigerian Independent news reported Jan. 2. The gunmen fired at random and at close range, according to police who said the violence might have been related to rivalry among gangs in Nigeria's oil-producing regions in the Middle Belt.

Also in Nigeria's Middle Belt, suspected Fulani herdsmen killed four Christians and injured 10 others during a celebration two days before Christmas in the Southern Kaduna village of Nimdem, religious freedom advocate International Christian Concern (ICC) reported Dec. 26, 2017. The gunmen attacked around 10 p.m. on Dec. 23, local pastor Gideon Mutum told ICC, "during an interdenominational carol that comes every Christmas with Bible quiz, drama, songs and preaching." It was not clear whether the attack occurred inside a church building. [ Source: Baptist Press (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Christians killed globally for faith at Christmas”

  1. Why, in God's Name, is the Baptist Press, where this article comes from, see link, promoting Coptic's as Christians?

    Must be some kind of Baptist's unknown to the evangelical world where worshiping dead saints, ie Mary, Yosef, etc. is idolatry, not Christianity.

    Still, it's awful for them to be persecuted, esp by other infidels. It would be best if all of the parties were to come to salvation through Jesus Christ and knowing him, personally. Then, they might notice that Christmass is a catholic word for a holy day of observation that is no where in any of their Bibles.

    So, taking one's kids and wife into harms way might not be God's will?

    Clueless people. I see Clueless People...

  2. Let's take a look at that headline.


    Oh, but twould they be martyred for Jesus Christ instead of their faith in "Christmas." Then, at least, it would be for a good cause. Their souls (having been placed in the true Word) would be saved, the souls of their neighbors so killed also. They should have been leading their children and neighbors to Jesus Christ, not a Mass on the make believe birthday of the Savior. What's the day he began His ministry called? What -----mas is that and on what day did the Catholics invent that one too? Oh, they forgot to do that? Doubt that.

    The best real Bible scholars have calculated, by reading the time Mary knew she was pregnant against the timing of Elizabeth's pregnancy and the order of Elizabeth's husband's duty to enter the holy of holies that year. It's not Dec 25th or even close. "Christmas" is about tradition and tradition trumping God's will. Jesus complained of the Pharisees leading by that method. If it was good enough for our Lord (Master) to complain about, it might be okay to do it today also.

    These "poor" people are dying for the "right" (to remain ignorant?) to have their children quizzed on who best has memorized their Bible verses. Is their gospel the one of salvation by superior intellect? Or by trusting in the Messiah come (Jesus, in English). Or for the right to perform "like actors on a stage" aka the term used in that article as "dramas" (Jesus, himself, often complained and not infrequently of the same because that's what has been translated as "hypocrites" means.

    The "right" to take your kids and loved ones to quizzes and stage plays on dates the enemy can count on you and yours being targets for, is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  3. Where is the Worthy News article about 9,000 Christians currently in prisons in Indochina? (Even if you deduct for the Catholics among them, that has to be far too many Christians in prisons there to skip telling us about it here).

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