Louisiana Says Students Have Right to Pray, Read Bible in Public Schools

(Worthy News) - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., have released the Louisiana Students Rights Review, a 15-page guide that explains the religious freedom rightsof teachers and students in public schools.

The review says that public schools in the U.S. do not need to be “religion-free zones.”

"To the contrary, both federal and state laws specifically protect religious freedom rights in public schools," the document reads. "Thankfully, Congress and our state legislature still recognize the fundamental importance of religious liberty — the first freedom listed in the Constitution's Bill of Rights." [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Louisiana Says Students Have Right to Pray, Read Bible in Public Schools

  1. I'm shocked! They're allowing Christian children that dastardly evil book, the Bible. What's the world coming to? Our children will be lost forever to this Christian God.

  2. Never, in all my life...not once....did I even consider speaking to God silently with only my mind, could be silenced.

    There are tons of times, and place, esp before we had earpieces and iPhones that allowed people to walk around talking without someone else with them, wherein it is just too "odd" to be speaking to no one else. Used to be one could get hauled off to the funny farm (which was never a funny place) for it.

    Likewise, there are Board meetings where a conversation with the Almighty is appropriate but only one person there is smart enough to send a quick "prayer" asking for wisdom from the Throne (of God).

    We do not always have to be speaking our prayers out loud. Sure, it is a right, but not always appropriate, like in the face of one's torturers.

    The one thing that must be done "outloud" or for the mute, signed out, is in saying "the Name" of the Lord for salvation. However, in many a circumstance, the pray-er can go into a closet or behind a door to do it.

    And in 30 years of doing it, not even one time has He failed to act. Sometimes, even before the word is uttered.

    These public high-schoolers are already living in "the world."

    The better part of valor is discretion. That is, knowing when and where, and then how, to let our light shine.

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