Alleged Israeli Strike on Syria Facility Targeted Hezbollah's Efforts to Enhance Missile Capabilities

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(Worthy News) - The village of Jamraya is located several kilometers northeast of Damascus, near a large military and research complex. The entrance to the well-guarded facility is likely permitted exclusively to people who have been checked and approved by Syria's internal security apparatuses.

In this facility, which officially belongs to the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), the Assad regime is developing and producing—according to foreign reports—chemical weapons and different types of missiles.

Considering the fact that the site has been reportedly attacked at least three times in the past two years with precision-guided weapons—allegedly by Israel, according to the Syrian regime—there are three possible reasons the facility was bombed once again Tuesday night. [ Source: Ynet News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Alleged Israeli Strike on Syria Facility Targeted Hezbollah's Efforts to Enhance Missile Capabilities”

  1. The title of this article, one part seems to cancel the other out.

    Though, on reading the whole article from it's source, things begin to make sense.

    As Syria has a history (and not just lately) of using chemical weapons on it's domestic enemies, it makes sense then that considering one of the goals of such a chemical weapons efforts is to cause long term damages, over time, no wonder Israel tries to shut it down.

    Syria is not that far logistically from Israel. What if Syria did a fly-over with such weapons? This is the world in which we now live and Israel has every right to stop self-declared enemies from creating such weapons. Though it is very doubtful Syria really needs to invent them, themselves. Some other country (N. Korea?) already works on much the same. As Russia protects this nation (Syria) that behaves so, Russia could easily be up to the very same tactics where Israel can't then bomb it out of existence.

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