ABC flooded with 25,000 complaints after Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence’s Christianity

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(Worthy News) - Joy Behar’s mocking of Christianity as a mental illness isn’t going away as an issue.

According to the Media Research Center watchdog group, more than 25,000 people had called ABC by early Monday morning to complain about a segment on “The View” in which the comedian specifically said Vice President Mike Pence suffers from the delusions of prayer.

“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you… that’s called mental illness … hearing voices,” she said. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “ABC flooded with 25,000 complaints after Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence’s Christianity”

  1. Except that Ms. Behar is telling the truth, as the USA knows i

    This is quoted from the Anchorage Daily News, in Alaska, published Dec. 24, 2013.

    "Can a person who hears the voice of Jesus be involuntarily committed for mental health treatment?"

    "That's a question the five justices on the Alaska Supreme Court wrestled with recently and attempted to answer in an opinion released Friday. In a 3-2 decision, the state's highest court vacated a lower court's decision that forced a Haines man to receive mental health treatment in 2010 after he said he heard Jesus' voice telling him to do things.

    The man -- referred to as "Stephen O." in the opinion, for privacy reasons -- had tried to kill himself years earlier while hearing voices, and his family worried in 2010 that he might hurt himself again, the court's opinion says. A Juneau Superior Court judge eventually agreed with the family and a psychiatrist. The judge labeled the man "gravely disabled," sending him to a mental hospital.

    That legal definition, necessary to meet the high standard for involuntary commitment in Alaska, also carried lasting consequences, potentially limiting the man's options for employment or owning guns."

    There's much more to this story.

    Any and all interactions between God and man are, and have been, "Mental Illness" by the definitions Psychology's Diagnostic Manual aka bible (their DSM, now in Version 5) has devised.

    More than that, the UN has it's own codes drawn from that same US formed DSM. We can all "thank" the US APA (American Psychological Association) for that.

    But it gets even better. Hearing from Jesus (even if only that he loves you) qualifies for the "Major Psychiatric Illnesses" not just determining one as having some neurosis (as in grandma's day).

    Read the DSM and weep. There is no behavior, no thought pattern, which does not qualify now as a mental illness. Unless it is the one or two diagnoses that say "no diagnosis."

    That's as good, as "positive" as it gets from the people who invented "Unconditional Love." And they talk about hypocrisy in Christianity. Take a look in the mirror, folks. This is what so many churches have fallen for. This is what your "Pastor" defers all his "difficult" cases to. It's called neglect. It's called abdicating to the wolves.

  2. It is worth noting that Alaska has no high standards, they abused and incarcerated a Faith Myers, who was and still is a Christian involuntarily too. Because her partner who has Alzheimer's had kicked her out.

    All homeless persons, no matter the cause of homelessness, are subject by federal law, to what State MH jurisdictions for that area.

    And Alaska Psychiatric Institute is the one and only State MH hospital in Alaska. Faith Myers won her case against API in approx 2008, Anchorage AK, Worthy News published that fact. API had forced (as was common in Alaska at that time) Faith to take medications she knew do not work properly on her, while API was withholding the Psychotropic that does work on Faith. The one she normally takes. The one she continues to take to this day as it does work for her. Stopping up Christians from "hearing" aka receiving from Jesus Christ is the goal of Psychology.

    Read "The Future of an Illusion. It was written by Sigmund Freud. It is the only book of his that he authorized publication of. It's been abridged and translated and given a whole assortment of new authors names, but read the original in English (if that's your language) and weep.

    Siggie prophesied in it. He literally foretells the "future" of "the illusion" which is all the major monotheistic religions. Then he goes on to tell us what he (and Carl Jung) have determined their enemy's monotheistic faiths to be. They are (in their opinions) Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

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