For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents

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(Worthy News) - He was rebuffed, then embraced, by Harry Truman. Confided in — and deeply hurt by — Richard Nixon. A source of reassurance for George H.W. Bush on the eve of war. The spark that finally turned George W. Bush toward sobriety.

The Rev. Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at age 99, was a fixture of the presidency to every man who has held the office back to the early years of the Cold War. He met all 12 of them, plus Donald Trump before he ran for office, and counseled most as they grappled with governing, politics and peace of mind.

Though most presidents have sought guidance from spiritual leaders, Graham's role at the top echelons of American politics was unique, and there's no obvious successor likely to fill his shoes as an adviser to leaders from both parties. The evangelical movement he helped turn into a political force is now most closely aligned with the Republican Party, including Trump, who has been publicly backed by numerous evangelical leaders. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents”

  1. It is the end of an era. Why he refused to also accept the title of prophet, I can't imagine. Only Samuel was comparable.

    With Luis Palau (another great evangelist) now diagnosed with state 4 cancer, then this. It is as if Moses has died.

    Perhaps that is God's reply to these things, that we might look to he whom both great men pointed us all to, Y'shua.

    Their great (heavenly) gain is our world's great loss.

    Look at what both men leave behind, sons and family taking up the mantel they leave behind. We have no doubt that they will hear "well done, thou good and faithful servant."

    Which is our great reward too, if we remain faithful also. If we steward those gifts and talents God entrusts to us too. Not riches and mansions, servants and glory, in heaven but that our Messiah and God are pleased with us.

    Imagine, God smiling upon us too. In our grief, we rejoice for Billy's joy. Luis must feel it too, his is just around the corner.

    It is the end of an age.

    Pray for the Houses they leave behind, that their sons and grandsons may be as faithful to Christ as they have been. May God show them how.

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