No Red Wave, But Republicans Poised To Win House

Commentators said Wednesday that Democrats defied historical odds in the critical U.S. midterm elections as an anticipated “red wave” of Republican victories did not materialize.

California to vote on constitutional right to abortion

Californians are voting now through Election Day on whether to approve a state constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to abortion and contraception, one of several measures on ballots nationwide this November to address reproductive health care following the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Trump Condemns FBI Raid As Political Witch-Hunt

Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump, who may seek re-election, has condemned the search of his Florida estate by America’s principal law enforcement agency as a political witch-hunt.

Voter Trust in Democrats Sinks to New Lows With 6 Months Until Midterms

Americans back the Republican Party over the Democratic Party by 19 points on its ability to handle inflation and by 14 points on its ability to handle the economy. The poll notes that 68 percent of likely voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s approach to combating inflation. Democrats also lag behind Republicans by 12 points on their ability to handle crime—the GOP’s highest trust rating on the issue since the 1990s.

Texas Governor Signs New Republican Voting Restrictions into Law

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law Tuesday an elections overhaul that adds more voting restrictions in the booming state. Democrats had spent months protesting what they say are efforts to weaken minority turnout and preserve the Republican Party’s eroding dominance in the state.

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