In Isolated World of Pastors, Churches Mum on Troubling Clergy Suicides

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(Worthy News) - An alarming number of pastors have taken their own lives in the last five years. And despite the increasing prevalence of suicide nationally, and the troubling rates at which the epidemic has been affecting certain groups of clergy, many churches remain silent on the issue.

A 2016 data brief from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics said from 1999 through 2014, the age-adjusted suicide rate in the United States increased 24 percent from 10.5 to 13.0 per 100,000, with the pace of increase greater after 2006. Suicide rates, the brief said, increased for both males and females and for all ages 10–74. The rates are at the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis showed. Data illustrating this jump shows that in raw numbers the total number of people who died by suicide nationally jumped from 29,199 in 1999 to 42,773 in 2014.

While no one knows for sure the exact number of pastors who are among those who die by suicide, the National Occupational Mortality Surveillance database, which includes records on almost 4 million deaths during the period 1999, 2003–2004, and 2007–2012, provides a studied estimate on how many pastors are affected. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “In Isolated World of Pastors, Churches Mum on Troubling Clergy Suicides”

  1. Which only proves the fact that most Pastors, in churches, don't even know that Jesus is "the Way" out of all seemingly impossible circumstances.

    They shouldn't even be using the term "church" for their congregations/fellowships/"place of meeting" etc.

    Also proves that what we have is "the blind leading the blind" in Christian circles, in the USA.

    Hopelessness, a lack of the (NT says) spiritual gift of Hope, is the root cause of what the Psycho's (Psychologists/Psychiatrists) call "Depression." Suicide is the ultimate lack of hope.

    If we really knew the Jesus of the New Covenant writings of the (first) Apostles, we'd know that all anyone has to do is ask for the gift of Hope. Just because it's the least of the 3 great gifts, coming in after Faith and Love, that doesn't mean it's not important.

  2. Okay, wait a minute. Hidden inside this story are CDC statistics which say that in 2016 there was a 24% increase in suicide in the USA, across genders.

    Also, who determined that some of these suicides were not murders? Many of these Pastors are African-American Pastors (some are named). Like the majority our US Law Enforcement have any record of properly investigating violent crimes against blacks?

    Also, one Pastor, in particular, exposes a good deal of the causes of suicide. It is a Senior Pastor at Christ the Rock Community Church who was also (supposedly, according to this article) a "suicide expert" that had also struggled "brutally" with his mental health.

    What, in God's Name, was he doing leading anyone? Did he get his ministerial ordination out of a box of cereal? Who hires someone like that to lead Christians who should be following those that "choose Life"?

    The reason suicide in the USA has abominable rates, and is rising (this is not true in each and every case, only the majority) is because of Psychology.

    Read a DSM V. Have a look at one of those things. It's Psychology's bible. Even they "tongue in cheek" call it their bible. It's no joke. It is their bible. And one of the first things that the Psychos (Psychology/Psychiatrists) do is have the "Patient" blame one or both of their parents. It gets easier if the Patient has been adopted or been in foster care. That way, there are just SO many parents to blame.

    This flies in direct opposition (try "sin) to the Commandment that commands (not suggests) us to "honor thy mother and thy father..."

    Honoring is an active verb. It's not passive. You can't think honoring at a parent, it's a thing which must be done. Of course, you can begin by not doing the opposite, which is shaming, and blaming and abusing and/or slandering, a parent. And that is the third option, to not blame, to not shame, to not gossip or slander, your parent (or parental figure for those who are in foster care.)

    But, but, they can someone whose parents do abuse, or worse, protect themselves? How do their recover from having been raised by horrible parents? How do they want to live when IN families where a parent or parents are abusing them?

    Choose Life. His name is Jesus. That's actually one of his names, as in "I am the Life and the Resurrection."

    Jesus is our scapegoat. Okay, your parent is a sinner. Maybe a violent sinner. You are a sinner too. We all are. Adam and Eve first scapegoated; first Eve scapegoated the snake for her choices, then Adam scapegoated Eve for her inviting him to do the same as her, and all went to hell as a result.

    Mankind so loves to scapegoat that God provided us one Lamb on which we may rightly blame. His name is Jesus, in English and Y'shua (the spellings vary) in Hebrew/Aramaic.

    Just to prove how stupid and sinful it is to blame others for our own sins. Sure, parents need to stop doing evil, esp if it is to their own children. That's why most countries have some kind of foster care system. And the USA's is notoriously bad. That means it's every man's fault in the USA. It is the fault of places what do not have enough law enforcement. It is a foster care system that is built on a false religiou of Psychology.

    Psychology has NO positive diagnoses. None. The best is has (and this from the "Unconditional Love" people) is a couple diagnostic codes that translate as "no diagnosis." It's designed to create slaves and replace the lowest class of humans. For the purposes of making slaves. Psychologists have no jobs unless there are MH patients or BH patients. Pastors who "specialize" in suicide have no career unless there are clients/patients for that crowd.

    Jesus, on the other hand, sets men and women (and trans even) free. God sets us free of "pastors" like that one.

    If your pastor is a slave to anyone but the real Christ, if s/he (or they) do not follow the real Messiah of the Jewish Bible, don't follow them. No one is a leader if no one is following. God will judge us who follow according to whom we chose to follow, or not. It's a heavy responsibility but someone's got to do it.

    Follow Christ. Choose Life. Even if you are dying, don't focus on death. Jesus stands at that door too. He'll catch you. Focus on him is not denial, it's following the one who forgives. He forgives us and those who have sinned against us. Obey that 4th (or 5th) Commandment and most suicidal impulses will vanish.

    Trying to follow Psychology and God's Word (either written or in human form aka Y'shua, the Christ) creates a "double-mind." No wonder they have MH issues, if a person have a double-mind about life and how to live or die it.

    James 1:8 (ESV) "he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways."

    James 4:7 (ESV)
    7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you"

    Maybe James was smarter than we've given him credit for, so far.

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