Sentencing of Pastor Adds to Uptick in Persecution in Algeria

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(Worthy News) - In the latest of a rash of persecution incidents in Algeria, a judge on Thursday (March 8) sentenced a pastor to a fine and a suspended prison sentence under a law that prohibits causing Muslims to doubt their religion, sources said.

In Frenda, Tiaret Province, pastor Nordine B. was ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 dinars (US$868) and received a three-month suspended prison sentence, the pastor confirmed to Morning Star News in an email.

Prosecutors had sought a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 50,000 dinars (US$434), another Algerian pastor confirmed to Morning Star News in an email. His name is withheld for security reasons. [ Source: Morningstar News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Sentencing of Pastor Adds to Uptick in Persecution in Algeria”

  1. Now, This is real cause for concern.

    This is where the (original) apostles took their stand.

    It is impossible for Christians to "not cause Muslims" there to "doubt" if our brethren are living as Jesus says/said.

    If we live as Christians (and I do not mean by "observing" Easter bunnies and Santa and his Christmas trees), it will cause Muslims to doubt. Some of them. For Christian wives will be well treated. Their children fed and educated, trained. Husbands will be respected (in their communities) and their worship free and joyful (even if in secret, these things will be known out).

    Esp when these things are true in times of persecution, how could Muslims not "doubt" their own faith of slavery to a god who is not like ours?

    Just because Catholics take credit for this quote, doesn't mean it's theirs,

    "Preach the gospel (good news) and if necessary, use words."

    This law is where Jesus' first apostles drew the line. We are to live in obedience to those in authority over us. That does not mean everyone. It means only to those in authority over us. Oftentimes, we can change who is in authority over us when they come up with inhumane laws like this.

    When the Jewish rulers in Jerusalem told the apostles to stop preaching Y'shua (Jesus) that's where those apostles drew the line. They could not obey such a rule. Eventually, God called all Y'shua's people out of Jerusalem, indeed, out of all Judea, even more.

    So, then, there were different people "in authority" over them, with new laws.

    God makes "a Way." This is the Gospel, that we have a Way to the Father, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Yet, not only that, He has made "a Way" for us, in this life also. Just as was made for Jonah, Moses, Noah, Abraham and Issac....

    As we live this out, it "speaks" to those who are watching and I do not mean the angelic host, good or bad, I mean humans who watch, and they do.

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