Conservative justices rebut ‘Muslim ban’ as Trump’s travel limits reach Supreme Court

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(Worthy News) - The Supreme Court gave President Trump’s travel limits a far more favorable hearing Wednesday than it has received in most lower courts, with conservative-leaning justices actively rebutting charges that the latest version of the president’s policy is the “Muslim ban” that critics contend.

The case marks the first of Mr. Trump’s major policies to squarely reach the justices, and analysts said their ruling will set the tone for how much deference courts give the unorthodox president for the rest of his tenure.

Immigrant rights activists, congressional Democrats and much of the rest of the anti-Trump resistance had been looking to the justices to block Mr. Trump. With Congress controlled by Republicans, they said, it is up to courts to constrain the president. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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    There are no safe mooslims. And those that are moderate STILL support the takeover of America by giving money to their Imams. What! They don't know what their Imam is going to do with that money? Hogwash!
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