Supreme Court: Colorado Ridiculed Jack Phillips' Faith

(Worthy News) - Many legal analysts agree: the Supreme Court didn't deliver the home run for religious freedom with its Jack Phillips decision that many people of faith were hoping for. In a narrow ruling, it left unresolved the constitutional free speech clash between Christian wedding vendors and LGBT customers who want their services.

The court did, however, put local and state government bodies on notice about how religious people are treated.

The court described Phillips as "an expert baker and devout Christian." It noted that in 2012 he told a same-sex couple in his Denver cake shop that he would not sell them a gay wedding cake but would sell them other baked goods. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Supreme Court: Colorado Ridiculed Jack Phillips' Faith”

  1. I find it interesting that the new media has characterized this landslide as "a narrow margin" - 5/4 would be a narrow margin. But 7 for, and only 2 against is narrow? Can anyone say "fake news"?

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