New jobless claims fall to 218,000 as overall number getting benefits declines

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(Worthy News) - New claims for unemployment insurance fell 3,000 to 218,000 in the second full week of June, the Department of Labor reported Thursday.

Forecasters had expected 220,000 new jobless claims — an extremely low level, but up 2,000 from the week before.

Low jobless claims are a good sign. They suggest that layoffs are infrequent, and accordingly that job creation is high. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “New jobless claims fall to 218,000 as overall number getting benefits declines”

  1. It might be "a good sign" but the real signs of the health of the US economy, or more accurately, the just plain health of the US social health itself, is in the vast numbers who are now homeless in the USA. All our major US cities, and not a small proportion of the small cities, are littered all over the place with the cull from USA economy based on rising housing values.

    What we have now is exactly why Social Security came into existence in the USA. Neighbors and family with no roofs over their heads. Families that no longer can feed their children even while the number of children families now have has gone into the negative (less than 2, for the 2 who it took to parent).

    Even the old fantasy of the (chronic and unsafe) solution of blaming the parents and taking the children to be raised in foster care instead even a possibility. the US foster care system is now known worldwide for what it is, a truly bad Parent. No parent with such statistics allowed in the USA to continue caring for minors.

    It was former President Bill Clinton who "solved" the problem of US States no longer being able/willing to finance those who could not, or would not, work to support themselves, by fast-tracking them onto SSI instead. SSI did not exist originally when the US Social Security Adm first came into being. Welfare began in New York to do exactly what it is known for, helping single mothers, the disabled, and seniors who no longer can work to help pay for their daily needs.

    All these things failings of our society exist, and were covered up, because neighbor did not give to neighbor. In some areas, neighbors were in worse shape than the ones who couldn't even feed their children.

    When a society mandates that no one can ever live, free and clear, in a home they already paid for, ("well, the water, and gas, and elec. and the garbageperson has to get paid...") this is the result.

    Expendable people.

    The USA since Roe v Wade, and much before in the various US States that allowed abortions while federal law outlawed it, has been culling it population both domestically (and overseas at various times).

    What we now have is The Greatest Political Fantasy that we (US inhabitants) are not in a Depression, and that "the Great Recession" ended some time ago. If it ended, why then did Seattle need to declare years ago that it had a full fledged "homelessness crisis" and still cries that out loud and clear, each night? It is not solved though Seattle shines like a star in the night for the generosity of its inhabitants, one to another.

    Israel welcomes home her children daily, from the ends of the Earth too. Just as her God promised her He would. And then, she forgets the lessons written down from those she openly wrote down and recognized as Prophets, both major and minor.

    God's kingdom is based on free land. It is based on good stewardship of what land was apportioned, to each their own. Money does need to be spent on it, just as seed, or work efforts need to be spent on it. But land is not all.

    When God's people give to one another, when neighbor binds the wounds of each other, of each others family when no one else is near, when the Israel trusts her God, when those who are called by the name of Christian are trusting that Christ first of all, not last, then, maybe this Depression will cease.

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