Episcopal Church Closer to Revising Official Prayer Book to Include 'Inclusive,' 'Expansive Language' for God

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(Worthy News) - The Episcopal Church is one step closer to revising their official Book of Common Prayer to include more "inclusive and expansive language" for both God and humanity.

At the mainline denomination's 79th General Convention in Austin, Texas, the House of Deputies voted to adopt a resolution that approved beginning a revision process to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer that will likely remove masculine language for God.

Known as Resolution A068, the measure passed on Saturday with clergy voting 63 yes, 30 no, and 17 divided while laity voted 69 yes, 26 no, 15 divided. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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6 thoughts on “Episcopal Church Closer to Revising Official Prayer Book to Include 'Inclusive,' 'Expansive Language' for God”

  1. God is God. No matter how they change the wording, God will still be God. But woe to those that lead men astray, misrepresenting the full deity of God for a lesser god.

  2. "The Episcopal Church" is a good name for Sharks in the Tank.

    There is very little that has to do with the following of Christ (Messiah) left in any of "the churches."

  3. The word "church," just as Wm Tyndale discovered, isn't. That is, it isn't biblical.

    The Church is dead and those Christians, those Messianics, those Netzarim (Nazarenes) who still attend "churches" should flee.

    "The Church" belongs to the whore who begat (invented) her, the Catholic Church.

    See "fellowships" or "Messianic Synagogues" (synagogue is actually in the NT, it just means "meeting place") or assembies, havurah/chavurot.

    Read what was given, read the Word(s) God gave to us!

    Before it is too late.

    The Episcopal "Church" isn't followers of Christ. They (but for a few trapped in it) have no right to even wear the name Christian. Certainly, not Nazarene.

    Who is in the English speaking countries (and so many more) can excuse themselves before the All Power One for not even checking this out with the O' so many online resources?

    Run, flee She who loves the martyrs so much She is drunk with the S/M of it all!

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