Judge Rules Trump Admin. Is Wrong to Deny 87 Iranian Christians, Religious Minorities Asylum Without Reason

U.S. Justice System

(Worthy News) - A federal court ruled Tuesday that the Trump administration wrongly denied asylum to dozens of Iranian Christians and other religious minorities who were invited to seek asylum in the United States under a congressionally enacted program.

Judge Beth Labson Freeman of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the Trump administration violated the Lautenberg Amendment by rejecting resettlement for a group of about 87 Iranian religious minorities who were invited to leave their homes and travel to Vienna, Austria, to be processed for resettlement into the United States to live with their families and worship without fear of persecution.

The Lautenberg Amendment was originally enacted in 1990 to facilitate the resettlement of Jews from the former Soviet Union but was later expanded to include religious minorities in the Shia Muslim nation of Iran. Many of the Iranian asylum seekers in Vienna had been waiting for about a year to finally be resettled into the United States under the Lautenberg-Specter program but were sent notices of ineligibility in February and risked being deported back to Iran. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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6 thoughts on “Judge Rules Trump Admin. Is Wrong to Deny 87 Iranian Christians, Religious Minorities Asylum Without Reason”

  1. With the Federal Government still so top heavy with pro Iranian Obama Loyalists loyalists - would trump have even known that this was a refusal of Iranian Christians?

  2. I heard that the slogan of a few years ago was passe' , WWJD. We used to teach it to the youth. I wonder if it passed away because it was outdated or people just didn't like the thought behind it?

    • I think WWJD, passed away because of the many different ideas of what Jesus would do and created more dissension than unity in the Christians theatre. Christians are vehemently divided on WWJD when it comes to many issues, immigration is one.

    • actually the Bible is pretty clear as to how Jesus would handle most situations we come across even today. I think what caused dissension among believers is that they no longer know or apply scriptures. Christian intelligence when it comes to what is in God's Word is sadly lacking today. When we stand before Him eventually, how many will be able to say that,they did know Him?

  3. what would jesus do ,We dont know in every situation . God wants us to know what Jesus has done he ived erfect for us and died on the cross for our sins winning us heaven. He rose proving his promises are true that we to will rise again one day bodily. I will put our church's out reach web site .

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