Pope changes Catholic Church teaching on death penalty, declares it 'inadmissible'

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Pope Francis in St Peter's square - Vatican

(Worthy News) - Pope Francis changed the Catholic Church's stance on the death penalty in a new policy published Thursday, saying it is “inadmissible” because it “attacks” the inherent dignity of all humans.

The Vatican said the pontiff approved a change to the catechism, which gives worshippers a go-to guide for official Catholic Church teachings on subjects ranging from the sacraments to sex. Previously, the catechism said the church didn’t exclude capital punishment “if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.”

Francis announced his intention to change church teaching on capital punishment in October. The new text was approved in May and published Thursday. [ Source: USA Today (Read More...) ]

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8 thoughts on “Pope changes Catholic Church teaching on death penalty, declares it 'inadmissible'”

  1. Ironic he would rule this now that major pedophile and child sex trafficking arrests are being made (you have to look outside of mainstream media to read these reports).

  2. Seems odd, considering that the Christian god is constantly administering the death penalty himself, usually with no explanation as to why and zero concern for their “dignity”.

  3. Doing Satan's work, I see.

    Just as the Female Supremacists aka Feminists loosed rapists all over the USA by coercing, with the blessing of police depts galore, wife after wife to deal with with their own spousal rapists and abusers by way of the Civil Courts systems.

    What a way to pervert law enforcement.

    Satan loves violence even if only in prisons.

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