Anonymous Letter Brings 4th Allegation Against Kavanaugh

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(Worthy News) - A fourth allegation emerged against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the form of an anonymous letter Wednesday evening.

The letter was written by the parent of a women who says she witnessed sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh in Washington, D.C., in 1998. It was sent to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO).

The complaint alleges that Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman while intoxicated. The person who sent the anonymous letter says it happened during an evening out involving her own daughter and several friends.

Kavanaugh denied the allegation saying, "We're dealing with an anonymous letter about an anonymous person and an anonymous friend. It's ridiculous. Total twilight zone. And no, I've never done anything like that." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Anonymous Letter Brings 4th Allegation Against Kavanaugh”

  1. "...the two people involved in the dispute must stand in the presence...[of] the judges who are in office at the time [and if] the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against a fellow [citizen] then do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you. The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you."

    Deuteronomy 19:17-20

  2. What about statue of limitations
    At some point there has to be a stop to the demoncrats being able to keep making up non sense and say game over
    What are they gonna keep grabbing random women to keep making up obvious lies until they get their way
    To destroy God and country 🤯
    Treason that may be ....

  3. As a survivor of sexual abuse. I had the job of speaking up to PROTECT my sister and other girls that this subhuman knew.
    I also had a daddy that I knew would protect me from this pos even if they were like brothers.
    Every female that remains silent is WRONG

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