Myanmar: Christians Forced to Sign Papers Vowing Not to Pray in Church, Curb Their Faith

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(Worthy News) - Hundreds of minority Christians in Myanmar are being forced to sign papers vowing to limit their faith and not pray in churches, pastors have warned.

A church leader identified as the Rev. Lazarus, general secretary of the Lahu Baptist Convention in Kyaing Tong, eastern Shan State, told UCA News on Wednesday that close to 100 Wa Christians were released by the United Wa State Army after they agreed to the orders.

Christians who signed the pledges are now mandated to only pray privately in their homes and not in churches. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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9 thoughts on “Myanmar: Christians Forced to Sign Papers Vowing Not to Pray in Church, Curb Their Faith”

  1. This couldn't be any clearer indication that God wants His people (not to be confused with denominational leaders) OUT of Churches, so they can do His will, finally. "The Church," any church, is not synonymous with Christianity. The first followers of Jesus, the Christ, now known again by the name his parents would have called him (Y'shua HaMashiach), were called followers of The Way. Actually, it's the Way. Alternately they were known and recorded by Yosefas (Josephas, the great Jewish historian of those times) as "the tribe of the Nazarenes."

    It was only, first, in Antioch (see the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, now known as just "Acts") that contemporaries (other pagans in Antioch) of those pagan who also accepted Jesus as Savior and Christ were called by their fellow pagans Christians. That is, those who follow the Christ. Since the hebrew word for Messiah is Mashiach, and Greek didn't have that in their vocabulary, it got translated into Christos. Christianity isn't even half of the body of Messiah. It's contained the vast majority of those who follow Y'shua (known as Jesus in all English Bibles, plus many others).

    However, times be a changing folks. God has turned His face back once more to His unsaved kids, the Jews. That does not mean He abandons those He already has or is not concurrently still with those dedicated to carrying out His Gospel (like the Wycliffe translators and many others). But His face is towards the literal Israel and that can not but contains Jews. Look at the numbers!

    As Ethiopian's who have claimed to be Jewish for centuries get tested by the State of Israel and it is found that they are, indeed, of Jewish descent, many of those same Ethiopian Jews has likewise accepted their Messiah. The work of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America and others like them, provides the greatest amount of social services (and necessities) even to IDF soldiers, in Israel.

    When our Baptist brethren and the rest of Christianity leave the churches, when they begin to pray in private first (didn't Jesus do a parable on that very subject?), when they find places to meet with other Believers, one to one, one to two or three, in homes, where ever, finally Christ's body will have begun to flourish as it should have all along.

    God has winked at the time of "the church" but it was an age, a mirror image destined to become just another "old wine skin" as the Roman Catholic Church was once upon a time. As all the "catholic" churches are now also.

    There is danger in remaining in churches. All Christians in the USA need to hear and take heed!

  2. Of course they have choices other than to sign. What kind of Christian leader says "they have no other choice but to sign"? Take the mantle of leadership from that (Baptist) man!

    Everyone, every person, may choose Yeshua also known as Jesus to Gentiles (non-Jewish peoples).

    We r bony given a breakdown of the other, more important, limits being asked of them. Not praying in a church means nothing. They should have left like the oh so many in the USA have done already.

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