Evangelical leader banned from Facebook for ‘hate speech’ over transgender bathrooms

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(Worthy News) - Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, was banned from posting on Facebook for 24 hours after a 2016 post of his was flagged for "dehumanizing language."

Following the ban Graham said in a Facebook post on Friday that the flagged statement, which was from April, was about North Carolina's "bathroom bill" that focused on which bathrooms transgender individuals were legally allowed to use.

He also shared the content of that flagged post, urging his followers to judge whether it contained hate speech. The post was critical of Bruce Springsteen canceling a North Carolina concert over the bill's existence. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “Evangelical leader banned from Facebook for ‘hate speech’ over transgender bathrooms”

  1. Scripture tells us that standing for what is right will make us unpopular with the world. Franklin Graham's comments are based on Biblical truths. North Carolina should be a model to other states to take a stand against the Liberal Left that wants everybody to be the same. We are not the same, we are male and female, the way God made us. What Bruce Springsteen does or doesn't do means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Franklin Graham is a true man of God and someone we should emulate. Thank you Mr. Graham for taking a stand against the Liberal ideologies that are consuming our society.

  2. This is news?

    Facebook has been banning Christian after Christian after Messianic Jew after Netzarim after people in the USA with morals...for years already. Now, Satan has gone visible by attacking the big guys in US Christianity? What a joke. It takes practice to be "set apart" from ungodliness. Being kicked off of Facebook is just funny. Let's hope Franklin takes his whole family off it with him. Then, His Majesty, our King of Kings, can really do something else great with them all. Again.

    This is what Franklin gets by not continuing to follow the Messiah right on out of "the Church" worldwide, instead promoting (Catholic) Christmas etc. And leading Trump to continue to do the same.

    There is but one gospel. We follow the Jewish Messiah (Jesus, the Christ) all The Way. Not half a'd. We don't stop for the tender feelings of Lutheran Pastors (Priests) and Presbyterian Masons, and NAR Charismaniacs.

    All "the Way," Franklin. That means continuing on past your Dad (which he has done by way of Sam's Purse) and on to, then past, the apostles, and yet again, onward, to following Y'shua haMashiach himself. From there, there is no liine between. He is "in the Father." That is what the apostles did. They (and the disciples) followed Y'shua and that's what they taught, following Jesus. Thus, "being in Christ." An apostle or prophet that teaches people to follow anyone else...meets the definition of an apostate. Repent and be saved and cover a multitude of sins.

    Follow Christ. It is Franklin's great honor to be abused by Facebook the same as we peons, we little common folk, are.

    Now, moving on...

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