Canada’s Trudeau Starts Quelling Protests

Canada’s prime minister imposed autocratic measures Monday to quell massive protests by truckers and others opposing his government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Daystar TV Founder ‘Dies Of Covid’

Marcus D. Lamb, the co-founder and CEO of the Christian Daystar Television Network, officially died of COVID-19, but his wife defended his televised anti-vaccination views. He was 64.

Franklin Graham wins UK legal case, will preach in Northern England

US preacher Franklin Graham has won a UK legal case brought by British LGBT activists who accused him of promoting homophobia, and will now be able to hold an event in Sheffield, England in May, the BBC reports. The parties agreed to a confidential settlement, with no admission of liability on either side.

Evangelist Graham Urges Prayers For Thousands Escaping Afghanistan

American evangelist Franklin Graham has urged believers to pray for the “thousands of people desperately trying to escape from Afghanistan,” including Afghan Christians and up to 15,000 Americans as well as their allies. Graham, son of the late legendary preacher Billy Graham, appealed “after the country’s fall to the Taliban” group, which he called Islamic extremists.

UK court: Franklin Graham festival was discriminated against by local authorities

A British court has ruled that the 2018 UK Lancashire Festival of Hope featuring Franklin Graham was subject to discrimination by local authorities which removed festival bus advertisements reading only “Time for Hope,” Assist News reports. The Blackpool Borough Council and Blackpool Transport Services were found to have violated the UK’s Equality Act 2010 by discriminating against the Festival specifically because of Graham’s religious views on homosexuality.

U.S. President Trump Says People Need Christ In Coronacrisis

U.S. President Donald J. Trump says Jesus Christ is more famous than him and urges people to turn to Christ, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. ”Masks, no masks, everything, you can do all you want, but you know, you still need help from the Boss,” Trump said, looking up and pointing to the sky.

U.S. Vice President Pence Joins Massive Prayer March

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence joined tens of thousands of Christians to pray in Washington for a nation beset by political and social turmoil ranging from deadly riots to fierce political infighting.

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