Pompeo Vows US to Stand with Persecuted Believers: 'Christians Central to Middle East'

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mike pompeo secretary of state
U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

(Worthy News) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Egyptian leaders in Cairo Thursday where he made a key speech addressing the region, denouncing the Obama administration for diminishing America's role in the Middle East. Pompeo says America is back and will be a force for good. It's the latest stop in his nine-nation tour of America's Arab allies.

In an exclusive interview in Cairo with CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell, Pompeo said, "I want people throughout the Middle East and the world to know that America's involvement in the Middle East is absolutely a force for good. We come here with no intention to oppress or to dominate but rather to free; to create opportunities for every individual throughout the Middle East to live their life and to have the freedoms that we are all so blessed to have in the United States." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Pompeo Vows US to Stand with Persecuted Believers: 'Christians Central to Middle East'”

  1. He "promises"?

    For how long? Another year or two, until Trump gets voted out of office? Even if President Trump were to get reelected for another 4 years, that means that there might be 6 years of the USA standing with them.

    What then?

    This business of the USA promising anything, to anyone, only works of subsequent Administrations take up that cause when they get in there. What too few nations that do not have democracy or a democratic republic (which is what the USA has) understand is the very limited time a US President has in which to make changes or keep on keeping on with treaties and/or promises made.

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