Trump rips into Democrats for controversial abortion comments, pushes for 20-week ban

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Ultrasound image of baby in mother's womb

(Worthy News) - President Trump during his State of the Union address Tuesday blasted Democrats for authorizing "a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb" and allowing doctors to "execute a baby after birth," urging Congress to pass a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

"To defend the dignity of every person, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother's womb," Trump said.

The president's comments come after New York loosened restrictions on abortion and as Democrats are under fire for controversial comments regarding late-term abortion. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Trump rips into Democrats for controversial abortion comments, pushes for 20-week ban”

  1. By His Grace abortion will be totaly eradicated from U S for God will intervain and put end to it for it's not His will

  2. God created all creatures, great and small, for His enjoyment. We must not destroy whom He loves. God's judgement will come swiftly. Consider love, not hate! "LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!"

  3. And what would Trump's defense be when he stands alone before the All Mighty One? Of course, no man, no human being, who has an inkling of the fear of the Lord could keep from speaking out on this abomination!

    The very idea that the unborn, the closest there is to a truly innocent human being, should die for the sins of it's mother and/or father, to cover up the sins of rapists, fornicators, adulterers, is nothing short of truly barbaric.

    And they call Christians primitive. These people are more primitive and barbaric than the worse pagan tribes ever were. That "civilized" societies let it be, is too horrible to think on, except to save such victims.

    No one else but Jesus himself deserves it less.

    Abortion covers the sins of 90% of rapists and no one even tries to correct that.

    Then, US Americans wonder that terrorists succeed, floods ruin whole cities and farm lands, etc etc etc.

    The stupidity of humankind, O' that God would save us all!

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