Senate may reprimand Trump in addition to revoking his border emergency

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(Worthy News) - Senate Republicans are holding active discussions about whether to amend a resolution revoking President Trump's border emergency in a way that scolds Trump for the way he asserted authority over the federal budget to fund his border wall.

Senators made it clear Monday that Republicans are still debating whether they have the authority to add any language to the House-passed resolution, and if so, what they might add. But some confirmed that there is talk about hammering home in the resolution that the Senate is not happy with Trump's move.

“There is a lot being talked about,” Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., told the Washington Examiner. “I have heard discussion about trying to express concern about separations of powers issues and maybe reining some of the powers back. It’s been all over the map. My sense is it won’t come together.” [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Senate may reprimand Trump in addition to revoking his border emergency”

  1. I would support President Trump having the Marines REMOVE the Senate entirely. What's that ..... sounds dictatorial? Well, what does it look like Congress is doing to President Trump? They're dictating to him what he can and cannot do. The dictatorship is in the House and Senate. REMOVE them all and let's have an interim vote for new Senators and House of Representatives.

  2. A reprimand, Ooo...

    I wonder how scared Trump is of that?

    Is that like some demerit system? Does he get free Starbucks if Trump get's more than one "reprimand." (Honestly....)

    Do those Republicans really think we can't see through stuff like that? Like anyone on planet Earth takes their Senate "Reprimands" seriously....

    Even Melania would laugh at that one.

    They're doing it to appease Dems.

    Yeah, that's do it.

  3. Isn't all of this usurping the authority?? I did not think the Supreme Court was able to make laws just enforce those already existing?? Doesn't the executive branch have the ability to declare a national emergency and then everyone else needs to respond??

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