Only 25 Percent of Christians Live in ‘Spiritually Vibrant’ Homes, Barna Study Finds

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(Worthy News) - Twenty-five percent of professing, practicing Christians live in households that regularly pray and practice Bible reading together and conduct outreach together to others, while 28 percent live in households that do none of the items on that list, according to new research by Barna.

The survey of 2,347 adults and teens who were identified as practicing Christians found that only a minority lived in what Barna termed “spiritually vibrant” households. The poll was conducted in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries as part of Barna’s new Households of Faith report.

The goal of the poll was to examine how Christian homes practiced their faith together, and not as individuals. Christians who lived alone were not included in the survey. [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Only 25 Percent of Christians Live in ‘Spiritually Vibrant’ Homes, Barna Study Finds”

  1. Someone forgot to survey the Christians in homeless shelters.

    I found a higher percentage of "alive" Christians and/or Messianics in USA homeless shelters, than I'd seen anywhere else in the USA. Just don't ask the Salvation Army, or Catholic Social Services, etc. Ask the Believers themselves, for a change!

    The only reason we have an underground body of Jesus Christ in the USA is because places like Barna and Pew survey all the wrong groups.

    Perhaps the solution to the "homed" Believers in the USA is for more and more of them (also) to become homeless and thus have to "press into God."

    Barna and Pew keep looking for those who love Christ "in all the wrong places."

    Then, Worthy prints their results like that has anything to do with those of us who live for Christ. It's living for Christ that's the harder job than dying for Christ.

    And it really would help if we didn't have to sort through reports posted here that included people who attend "St Mary" and "St Peter" etc churches. It skews the results also.

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