Pastor of Underground Church in Kenya Beaten Unconscious

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(Worthy News) - The Somali pastor of an underground church in Kenya near the Somali border suffered a broken thigh bone and other injuries after Muslim extremists beat him with wooden clubs on Friday night (March 8), sources said.

Pastor Abdul (surname withheld for security reasons), a 30-year-old father of three, had finished leading a prayer gathering at 9 p.m. on the outskirts of Garissa and was on his way back to his house when several ethnic Somali Muslims attacked, he told Morning Star News from his hospital bed, still visibly in pain.

Pastor Abdul said he did not know the assailants. As they approached him, he said, one of them told him, “We have been following your movements and your evil plans of changing Muslims to Christianity.” [ Source: Morningstar News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Pastor of Underground Church in Kenya Beaten Unconscious”

  1. Oh, for the love of Messiah, it says "he told Morning Star News from his hospital bed, still visibly in pain."

    This farce of reporting needs to end.

    In Sept of 2015, I arrived back in the contiguous USA with 8 broken bones. Both my feet had bones broken in them and I had 6 ribs broken.

    I was not taken to the hospital though I had health ins quickly. It would be another 6 months before my right foot would be rebroken and set, finally, so that it would heal. The ribs, there was nothing they could do but let them heal on their own. It is now 2019 and the left foot continue to get worse, I will eventually get surgery on it too. Except that it took my right root a good 6 months to heal so I need to be in a place where I can take the 6 months for it to heal.

    However, that has no stopped me from continuing to work for our Lord, even traveling to Scotland, UK, to serve the Messianic community there for 4 months in early 2017.

    The bones were broken in Alaska, and I had insurance there too. But the persecution of Jewish Christians, Hebrew Christians, Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles, (Messianic) Nazarenes, was and still is, so great, that was actually quite normal. Nothing to brag about, you see.

    This business of reporting when one of our brothers (a pastor) in Kenya is abused, but then gets treated properly, should not, anymore, outweigh what's being done to Christ's believers here in the USA.

    I didn't tell you before, because it is not a contest.

  2. Lifting this pastor & the body of Christ in Kenya to the Lord. Father protect them, keep them in your care, heal them up & provide for them. Lord strengthen the Body of Christ under this kind of persecution & enable them to remain firm in their faith & strengthen them so they may endure. Walk them through the fire & the flooding waters so they are not burnt or swept away but brought through to the other side, In Jesus Name I pray, amen.

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