Netanyahu: Israel’s preparing for a broad campaign in Gaza

(Worthy News) - Israel prepared for a broad military campaign in Gaza Thursday, as Egypt worked behind the scenes to ensure that Palestinians marking the one year anniversary of the Great March of Return this weekend do not spark a new IDF-Hamas war.

The Hamas-led event, which began on March 30, 2018 with a focus on weekly border riots, has kept the potential of a renewed IDF-Hamas conflict simmering for the past year.

The march has drawn thousands of participants and Palestinians are expected to gather en masse this weekend as well. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Israel’s preparing for a broad campaign in Gaza”

  1. Ezekiel's Israel is knocking at the door. When Israel opens the door, they will occupy Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and the Sinai back to the Suez Canal. The map and it's meaning can be seen on the YouTube channel, Running Prophecy. Are you ready to hear oh Israel?

    • Hadn't heard of Running Prophecy Channel, at Youtube. Thanks.

      However, have no idea which program in all that explains your interpretation (and others, I assume) being attributed to Ezekiel. Can only assume it is Ezekiel 83 to which you refer. It's not a particular I've studied out. I mean beyond the fact that there will be a Coalition of many nations to come against Israel, and that they will fail. Secularists tell us the next wars will be wars of missiles, which seen by any old time prophet properly might have been rendered "arrows," certainly. That's not a stretch of anyone's imagination.

      Is there biblical evidence for Israel expanding it boundaries beyond what was given through Moses to the tribes led in by Joshua?

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