Culprit in Series of Black Church Arsons Charged with Hate Crimes

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Holden Matthews, the 21 year-old culprit in a series of Louisiana church arsons, was charged with three additional hate crimes Monday, in addition to the three prior counts of simple arson of a religious building with which he was charged at his arrest on April 11th.

St. Mary Baptist Church in Port Barre, and two Opelousas churches, Greater Union Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, were all burned down between March 26th and April 4th, stoking fears of racial unrest in an area of the country with a fraught history of arson attacks on black churches.

"This trauma resides deep within all of us, black and white, in America," said former New Orleans Saints Tight End Ben Watson, who pledged to help in the rebuilding efforts.

“It is imperative that we show this community and the entire country that these types of acts do not represent who we the body of Christ,” Watson tweeted.

A few days after the incident, YouTube videos of Matthews’ band “Pagan Carnage” came to light, with Matthews, the lead singer, belting out the lyrics “the holy church is now destroyed...burning down in Odin’s name,” as well as a Facebook conversation in which he expressed disdain for “all these [brainwashed] Baptists around here.”

The Louisiana state fire marshal's office noted the “associated history” of black metal music with church burnings in Norway in the 1990s.

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3 thoughts on “Culprit in Series of Black Church Arsons Charged with Hate Crimes”

  1. Well, it's nice to see a new generation of FBI investigators who are finally doing their jobs when they look into the burning of black churches, esp in the South. Better late than never.

    But what "in God's Name" is a St. Mary Baptist Church? There are an awful lot of them. I mean, all over the place. Not just in this city. But why, again "in God's Name," would any Baptist give God's glory to another? Why would they place Mary (I assume it is the mother of Jesus Christ) ahead of, and over their whole congregation? A Baptist church? This boggles the mind. And Google finds a whole lot of them.

    This is not right.

    It is just "not right," as in,

    not righteous.

    • Good Question. I too was surprised that a Baptist church would be named after Mary, our Lord's mother also. But being a good question, may I ask you if you are writing it rhetorically, or are you genuinely seeking out an answer from our Lord Jesus Christ? Have you asked Him in prayer about this? May I suggest a few questions you may ask Him:
      1) Lord, when you said: “Those who ever lives and believes in me will never die” John 11: 26 does that mean the saints, including your mother? Are they Alive in you or dead to sin? Col 2:13, Eph 2:1-5
      2) Lord, since you were like us in all things but sin, do you still need to obey the 10 Commandments, including the one that says “Honor thy Father and thy MOTHER”? (Exodus 20:12, Matt 15:4, 19:19)
      3) Lord, since you were commanded by our Father to honor your mother, would You, Who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Who created the whole world, honor her stintingly, in secret, or would You have Your followers honor her with processions, and have churches named for her, so that the whole world would know how much You love her?
      4) Lord Jesus, Is Your mother the woman of Revelations 12, the mother of the child, who is to rule the nations? (Rev12:5) Is she the “woman, clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars”? Rev12:1
      5) Blessed Lord: When the Apostle John wrote of the beloved disciple, was he writing this to mean us believers also? Did you give your mother to me, your sister, as well as to John, the beloved disciple? John 19: 26-27
      6) Does Revelations 12:17 include me, in “the rest of HER seed, (those) who keep the commandments of God, and have the testamony of Jesus Christ.”
      7) When Mary prophesised that “all generations will call me blessed” (Luke1:48) Does that include me? Should I honor her also, as a response to the 10 Commandments?
      Our Lord Jesus is the King of Kings. Now you should understand that there can be different visions of what a king is like. One can be a jealous king, who wants all the honor and glory to himself. Or a king can be kind of like the king who is gloriously robed, with staff and scepter, crowns, but who also has their nobles also dressed richly. They are not worried or jealous that the nobles look wealthy, because that magnifies their greatness. This is the vision of our Lord, Who was not only so magnaminous as to give His life for our sins, but also wants to share His blessings with us. He is the King who says “why did you not dress for the wedding feast” and who bragged about his servants Job, Moses, David and even made Solomon rich and wise. He is the King who even had many miracles through the hands of the Apostles (Acts5:12-16, and who gave us the Holy Spirit. He is not diminished by the saints, He is exulted by them.

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