Chinese Officials Warn: Christianity Causes ‘Enormous Harm’ to Society

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(Worthy News) - Government leaders in China’s third most-populous province held a seminar last month to warn communist officials of the “enormous harm” Christianity poses on China’s security, according to China Aid, which promotes religious freedom within the country.

The seminar in Hebi, Henan, for members of the Communist Party of China encouraged the members to “maintain ‘correct views’ in regards to the religion and avoid being persuaded by its ideology,” China Aid reported.

The seminar was titled, “Christianity’s Enormous Harm on China’s Security.” With an estimated 94 million people, Henan ranks No. 3 in population among China’s provinces. [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Officials Warn: Christianity Causes ‘Enormous Harm’ to Society”

  1. The Communist Party knows what happened to Rome. The Whole World seems to be going the way of Christian Persecution. If the left win the Culture war taking place, and with the help of Muslims Christian persecution will hit the United States with a vengeance. Blame the Jews, Blame the Christians, And then Islam will blame the Liberal infidel. OFF with their heads!

  2. No, a secular book I read about China pointed out the government doesn't like religious people because they are not afraid of the government. Communism IS the state religion in China. Therefore those that practice something different are not considered true to the government.

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