Rome opens up exorcism course to all major Christian faiths to fight rising demonic forces

Is the Vatican Hoarding Second Temple Treasures?

(Worthy News) - For the first time in 14 years, the Roman Catholic Church has opened up its annual exorcism class in Rome to all major Christian faiths in a bid to stem the rising tide of demonic forces around the world.

“The idea is to help each other, to establish best practices if you will,” Father Pedro Barrajon, 61, one of the organizers of the 14th edition of the “Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation,” taking place at the Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum, told the Telegraph. “This is the first time that different denominations have come together to compare their experiences on exorcisms.”

The one week course which is taught in Italian at a cost of approximately $450 is being held May 6- 11. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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9 thoughts on “Rome opens up exorcism course to all major Christian faiths to fight rising demonic forces”

  1. Sorry, we do not need the Pope to get rid of demons. The Word of God and Spiritual Warfare does that for free! LEAVE IT TO THE Catholic Church TO PAY FOR WHAT GOD WILL DO FOR GRACE AND FAITH!!

  2. Pope authority is not give victory over demon but the power in the blood of Jesus christ and the authority of His word.

  3. And so it begins...

    "Rome" aka Pope Francis begins to extend its tentacles into the other "churches." What is the "true" church? The first "church"? The original "church"? Need to church-hop to find "a real church." Or "the best church" for your family? Look no further than the Roman Catholic Church. But don't expect anything but a tomb filled with demons there. It's that word "church" that you have wrong, not your desire to fellowship with "true believers."

    Our God winked at a time of letting the word "church" slip by in Protestant groups and denominations. No longer. We have Internet. Christians no longer need to go to Seminaries just to own their own Strong's Concordance. It's all available now (for free) with the (good) likenesses of e-sword. Any English speaking fool can look up a bible verse now. And tear it apart back to its original meaning and roots.

    As long as Protestant groups of worshipers of our God, YHWH, and His only begotten Son, Jesus, continue to use the word "church" for themselves and others of 'like-minded faith" they will continue to thwart the very gospel they promote! Look it up. Many, many, great Evangelists (past, and present) know this but ignore it as not important. It is. It is important to stop using the word "church" for your fellowships and worship services. For worldwide Christianity too. What about your Messianic brethren? They know it (most anyway) already.

    But See. See what it leads to. The Pope of Rome opens up classes to Protestants who wish to pay (the double insult Catholics like to visit on non-Catholics) to be inculcated that they do not yet have the power that comes, for free, by being instilled with, and indwelled with, the very Holy Spirit of the One and only Living God, His Name Almighty.

    Sure, that class teaches some important things to remember. Satan sells all his versions of rat poison, with some lovely truths sprinkled into it. Else who would swallow any of it? Remember, once upon a time, the Assembly of God groups/denomination knew better than to use the term "church" also. But a few generations rose up after that, and have now forgotten just whom Protest-ants originally protested against. Anglicans forgot long long ago.

    The New Covenant sealed in, and with, the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, Y'shua HaMashiach, his Name, is the better one. It is not merely the replacing of the Aaronic Priesthood with a Catholic one that is/was needed. In the face of both cases, we needed, and now have, the Eternal High Priest in Messiah! The Book of Hebrews explains all of that. Who then needs a man named after the old pagan Roman religions high priest, a "Pontiff"? Really? The "Vicar of Rome"? Try Wikipedia. It's not a secret! Pagans know this stuff, it's so open and aboveboard knowledge. "Vestal Virgins" (aka Sisters and Nuns).

    Those who can do research are obligated by our Lord (Master Y'shua/Jesus) to search out these things. See William Tyndale's (the/his) first English translation. He died for it. Can't we then even bother to check out his arguments for leaving out the word "church"? And why he did so?

    One of the reasons for such an upsurge of demonic possession (and oppressions) today is the use of Psychotropics, which is the best that medical science has to deal with those demon possessed. Most of all, Psychotropic medications are invented and refined, almost daily now, to shut the patient up "out of the misery" of everyone else.

    Walk the streets of downtown Seattle any time of the day, or night (though daytime is safer), and simply look around. Then, listen. Try 2nd Ave and Jackson St, there. Better yet, walk up and down James and 3rd Ave. Be brave, any homeless are actually referred there. Don't take much money with you, though. It's not wise. There are so many streets where the sane are far outnumbered than the insane. And Seattle isn't the rare one for this. Try just driving around downtown Eugene, Oregon. The streets there are littered. With humans. tents all over the place. And that's the pretty parts.

    Sure, not every mental illness is demon possession. But when someone gets saved, comes to know Y'shua (Jesus) the Christ (Messiah) oftentimes they do not even know that the power now resides within them, to kick out the demons within them, via the Holy Spirit of God. And some only have the baptism of John. Some do not know that they want the God of all Creation to live within them, so loud are the demons who had their place inside them first.

    Every Believer has some of the Holy Spirit inside them. And it is no longer safe for them to go to some, or any, Church with a Deliverance Ministry, because it is a "church." A "Church Without Walls" is still named a church. THAT is the problem.

    While "churches" and foolish "Pastors," supposedly of the One True God, run after Rome to learn these things, the poor children of God on the streets and in insane factories multiply, with no place to hide.

    Go, as Jesus did. Go. "Go" into the streets "O man of God." Do. Do, as your God did. As He told you to. Do your first works, which were pleasing to His Majesty, the King of kings. You can not "walk with Him" and stay in your little fancy sheltered compound, making up sermons to compete with the other clergy in your denomination and continue to believe you "do His will" while that same God's own children starve for His Word, in the store doorways at night and ramble away all the day long. Travelling from bathroom to bathroom, just to wash their hair or hands. Go to their tents, go to their day shelters,
    go to them!

    That is what you were Commissioned for.

    It's what I did, what my daughter and I did. While you, and because you, were not doing it. Me and a 22 year old girl. We slept in their shelters, women on one side and men on the other. We are the slop they fed us (well, to be honest, it wasn't all bad food). With two men sitting in-between, to keep us all safe, at night. One night a man "flashed back" to something terrible and ran away, only instead he came literally tromping all over the women sleeping! Guess who stopped him? Who saved him? Who saved us? God did. Via the raised hand and open palm of one of the women who had the Holy Spirit residing inside her. All she did, that no man there that day knew to do, was raise her hand and said "back, back, back" to him, and let God's own Love and understanding pour through her palm, at him. So, he stopped in his tracks and backed up, against a wall, and then he sank to his knees, conquered by the love of God, peacefully.

    Miraculously, none of the women walked upon, by him, were hurt.

    Men of God, men need you, humanity needs you, out there. Not in your "Churches." Not in some class Rome is "teaching" (proselyting) you.


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